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  1. Got off the waitlist today! Time stamp 2:05pm. This was my second time applying (waitlisted 4th quartile last year)! GPA: 85.4 MCAT: 509 Interview: I think I did really well overall Best of luck to everyone still on the waitlist! If it doesn’t happen this year keep trying!!
  2. Last year in our admissions decision email they told us there were 102 IP applicants on the waitlist (around 25 per quartile). I don’t know if the number is similar this year though
  3. Result: waitlisted (1st quartile) GPA: 84ish MCAT: 509 Degree: 2x UG Interview: overall good! Had a few really strong stations (I think) then the others felt good but not great Anyone declining their offers?
  4. Usask med offers have been going out today!
  5. A friend of mine was told by a faculty member from the u of s that regular classes will be online but the college of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine will be on campus! Not sure if that will hold true but that’s what they were told
  6. Does anyone know how much the waitlist moves each year?
  7. I am in the same boat. Think I might go insane with nothing to do but stay at home and think about it LOL
  8. If none of your references are contacted does that mean you're out of consideration?
  9. I have heard that if you choose Regina as your first choice you have a better chance of being accepted as most people would rather be in Saskatoon. Does anyone know if your location preference actually gets weighed in the decision process?
  10. I sure hope so! The suspense has been killing me the past few days.
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