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  1. You’re a genius!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
  2. Silly technical question... my primary email is not currently my UofA e-mail, I was able to add it as an additional address, but cannot switch it to be my primary address. How were you able to do this? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Were you able to actually join the FB group? I received a link as well but it ended up being to the class of 2023 FB page.
  4. Do they still have to request them if you are a student at the UofA?
  5. Just wondering if anyone can speak to how the 1 year palliative care fellowship after completion of a family medicine residency works? If so, what are some positives and negatives of becoming a palliative care physician or working in a palliative care setting as a family med physician? Just an interested 4th year BSc student that would like to know more about the palliative care field Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I just read on the UofA’s website (This is pre-COVID information) that offers of acceptance are sent out no later than May 15. Do we think this deadline will be extended given the recent circumstances?
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