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  1. I’m IP. What about those you have heard that have gotten an offer - IP or OOP? How many offers have they sent out from the waitlist so far?
  2. My number is 98xx and I have not been offered from the waitlist :/
  3. Hey where do you see the notification about tuition deposit payment options? I’m on the waitlist but I don’t see anything in my official waitlist letter
  4. Hey everyone, I was waitlisted for an interview and have not yet heard back about any waitlist movement. Just wondering if anyone has received an interview invite off the waitlist? I’m an OOP applicant! Thanks!
  5. I am starting a group that will be meeting at least 2-3 times a week for medicine MMI practice. Interviews are coming up in just a month for current applicants so I’d like to form a small group of around 4-6 individuals. We will meet, run through practice scenarios and share tips and tricks to ace the MMI! If you are committed to practicing for the MMI for an upcoming interview and live in Southside Edmonton, message me ASAP! We can organize meet ups on campus as well as in the Southside, either at a cafe or at my house. Thanks! As a note, I have joined some other groups for MMI practice,
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