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  1. Are you renting through your university or privately?
  2. Did you have to provide info regarding the owner of the house? When I contacted my parents insurance company they mentioned the extension only applies to student housing provided by the university so I’m wondering how you set it up!
  3. Hey guys I'm trying to secure tenant's insurance but am having difficulty finding a company that allows 3+ roommates. Wondering if anyone was able to find one or what you are doing if you are in a similar situation. Thanks!
  4. Are you guys getting the influenza shot? It’s not the season for it so there isn’t rlly a shot atm but it’s still on the form so not sure what to do
  5. Anyone know if we need to buy a blood pressure cuff or penlight or anything similar?
  6. Ah I see, so most people get the cardiology IV model as opposed to the Classic III correct? Thanks for all your help!!
  7. Could you provide more details about the bulk order (what company is ordered, is engraving possible, etc.)? Thanks!!
  8. Anybody know if we need to buy scrubs for uOttawa?
  9. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could touch upon what some key things are that we should be buying for first year? Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for your info! Based on my research, LOC interest rates are actually lower than OSAP. LOC at most banks is prime - 0.25%, whereas for OSAP the Ontario portion of the loans have an interest rate of prime + 1% and federal at prime + 0%. Just thought to throw that out there in case anyone else looks into this thread!
  11. Oh nevermind, I think you mean that by applying for OSAP you're automatically considered for provincial and federal bursaries/loans correct?
  12. So by applying to OSAP via their application, I will automatically be considered for school specific bursaries?
  13. So essentially I could get a loan for which interest wouldn't accumulate until finishing med, then use my LOC to pay off that OSAP loan after school is done - thereby preventing interest accumulation on my LOC if using solely that to pay for school?
  14. Hey guys, this might be a rlly dumb question, but what's the benefit in applying for an OSAP loan as opposed to solely using a LOC to pay for school?
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