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  1. what did u mean by not finishing follow-up questions? Like you're supposed to answer all of the follow-up questions they have in mind or just finishing half-way through a follow-up?
  2. After 2 years of regrets, it gives me so much joy to finally receive an invite (1st time my CARS didn't meet the cut-off so I was ineligible and second year I didn't meet the TFR cut-off). Time Stamp: 2:14 PST Result: Invite GPA/AGPA: ~85% MCAT: 507 Geography: IP ECs: Diverse work experience (editor for school newspaper, 4-5 years of paid and volunteer research experience in various fields & worked as an MOA for a dental and vaccination clinic). Presented at conferences including 1 international, with 2 papers in the process of being published. Volunteered fo
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