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  1. no they are not considered the same. They have an internal grading conversion for different institutions
  2. Just confirmed with them. They do have different grade conversion scales that are not available to the public </3
  3. Hi this is my first time applying to the U of A and I'm from BC. I got my calculated cGPA today and it is much lower than what I anticipated. Does the University of Alberta have different grade conversion scales for different schools like OMSAS? If so where is this because all I see is their generic grading scale. https://www.ualberta.ca/registrar/examinations/assessment-and-grading/grading-system-explained.html
  4. They said Early November on their website so I'm thinking the first week of November. I'm also surprised they didn't have any CASPER rejections this year yet.
  5. Just checked today and my MCAT score is verified. OOP applicant.
  6. Hi guys, i'm applying here for the first time this year. Could someone please tell me if U of A gives a lot of weight on the two 500 words paragraphs we are supposed to write, and are we only allowed to submit 2 references? Also what is the "/17" thing I have been seeing on previous posts? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. what did u mean by not finishing follow-up questions? Like you're supposed to answer all of the follow-up questions they have in mind or just finishing half-way through a follow-up?
  8. After 2 years of regrets, it gives me so much joy to finally receive an invite (1st time my CARS didn't meet the cut-off so I was ineligible and second year I didn't meet the TFR cut-off). Time Stamp: 2:14 PST Result: Invite GPA/AGPA: ~85% MCAT: 507 Geography: IP ECs: Diverse work experience (editor for school newspaper, 4-5 years of paid and volunteer research experience in various fields & worked as an MOA for a dental and vaccination clinic). Presented at conferences including 1 international, with 2 papers in the process of being published. Volunteered fo
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