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  1. A cadaver based airway course can be useful. I have found an interesting airway course by the CAEP, not sure though if it's done on cadavers or mannequins but sounds like they cover lots of things from intubation prep to surgical airways
  2. Totally agree, My plan is to go for a part time EM practice + doing walk-in clinic or having a roaster of fairly uncomplicated clinic patients I will probably need 1 anesthesia rotation ± ortho rotation ( we do see Fx in our ED from time to time but not high volume though ). I also have 2 ER rotations coming in academic centers + 1 ICU rotation in an academic center too I am applying for the +1 CCFP-EM this year but if not that 3 months residency extension is definitely an option, I know people who have done it here in Quebec, not sure though how it works or how to apply ?
  3. PGY2 FM resident here ( rural site ) During med school I was interested in FM and did not give any extra thought about doing EM after my FM training. However, during my PGY1 I started becoming more and more into EM and I am currently considering doing ER shifts beside my office hours. I choose 2 of my 3 elective rotations to be in EM ( 3rd one I am thinking of doing ICU ) and I will apply for the +1 EM this cycle ( I doubt I have a shot in getting in but don't want to regret not applying ). Basically, I am trying to get as much exposure as I can before becoming an independent attending as
  4. Hello, I am a PGY-1 in FM in Québec, I am trying to book ATLS and POCUS courses in Québec ( preferably before the R3 applications ) however due to COVID restrictions I am not able to find any courses ( neither in English nor in French ) Does anyone know any courses with available seats that will be held in the next few months ( english or french ) ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I am a PGY-1 family medicine in Québec and I am currently thinking about my practice goals after graduation. Has anyone came across the idea of opening a FM medicine clinic ( or GMF for those in Québec ) ? what are the pros and cons ? how much will it cost and can a recent graduate (either individually or with partners) afford to open a clinic ? I mean what difference will it make in terms of earnings if you own your clinic vs working in someone else's bearing in mind the burden of dealing with the administrative stuff and all what comes with owning a business
  6. What if you are a FM resident training in one of these rural sites and would like to apply for the +1 EM or have a full time EM practice after residency in a major hospital ? how would you get enough exposure ? would doing your electives at major hospitals be enough to compensate ?
  7. I am in a similar situation, would like to get some tips as well
  8. I wonder where this difference between rural areas and urban areas income come from ? aren't the billing codes the same ? sorry this might sound like a naive question
  9. R1 in family medicine here, Can someone please explain the job description of a Family physician as a surgical assistant ? in terms of what the job entails, the work environment and remuneration ?
  10. I must have been confused working without RAMQ remuneration and working under RAMQ but without a PREM then
  11. I think you can, but I also believe the downside to that is the fact that the government will cut out 30% of your total billings
  12. Thank you for your reply, that was very helpful. Could you expand on this ? I kinda have an idea on how PREMs work in Québec, but I have no idea how does the system work for freshly graduating FM residents in Ontario let's say for someone who wants to build a practice in a rural area where he/she does office, hospitalization ± ER shifts or OBS
  13. Also if you are currently doing your residency in FM, you may want to check the R3 clinician scholar programs offered in many universities.
  14. Interesting! thank you for your reply. I would assume that the pay is better in Ontario than in Quebec as well (I might be wrong), although the cost of living might be higher. I am starting to worry about the situation in Québec after hearing negative reports from junior family doctors here regarding the regulations imposed by the government.
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