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  1. Anyone here who got an interview last cycle but is still waiting to hear back this year?
  2. Does this mean that people received rejections yesterday but just haven't posted about it?
  3. I've read on other forums that there is an internal GPA cutoff of 3.85 for both undergrad and grad students.... is that true?
  4. Thats interesting. wonder why the sudden increase. Regardless, I believe you do see some grad applicants on these forms get interviews with low 3.8 GPAs
  5. Would it be possible that these change now that the weight GPA formula is different?
  6. Would there still be a big wave of invites at this point too?
  7. There hasn't seem to be a big wave any time recently. How come?
  8. Is March 8th meant only for those applicants who applied both to MD/PhD and MD programs so that it limits them having to travel on multiple weekends for the interview?
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