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  1. Does anyone know historically if emails will be sent out at midnight on the 14th, or just some time that morning?
  2. I was simply referring to the site assignment appeal, linked it below for you. Was moreso just wondering what exactly qualifies as an extenuating circumstance. Thanks for your input. https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/policies/ugme/SiteAssignmentAppealSOP.pdf
  3. I am probably overthinking this, but do you think that submitting a question to be answered at the site selection info session would have any effect on how your application is viewed moving forward? I would like to ask a question about appealing site selection (if it even comes to that) but don't want to come across as picky or give the impression that I wouldn't be ecstatic to just get an offer regardless of where that may be.
  4. For those of you who have had your references contacted, did your reference let you let you know that they had been contacted or did you reach out to them and outright ask them?
  5. Any rejections out there yet? Still haven’t heard anything so assuming the worst but a confirmation of that assumption would be nice haha.
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