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  1. So whats the caliber of ECs at Western? is there a strong emphasis on shadowing, I've only done one hour of shadowing. im asking because i want to apply to ualberta dental school and they are changing their application process to make it more holistic for the fall 2022 intake. this is the first time they are doing something like this btw. i have some extracurriculars but im not sure where i would stand in terms of actually getting in.
  2. Oh i wanted to apply in my 3rd year (next year) but my GPA is like 3.7 or a little lower because I did really shitty this year. They're changing the admissions to allow a more "holistic" process but I wonder how competitive that will make applications. From the sounds of it, the applications will be like medical school
  3. I want to apply to UofA and for next year they are changing their application to basically resemble medical school requirements (GPA, DAT but also EC's, job history, personal experiences, and a CASPER type test) to those of you who have applied to a more holistic dental school, how much harder is it? Personally my GPA is okay but not the best. I think it will be around 3.7ish or a little below. I think I can do okay on the DAT if I study but to be honest my science abilities are not too strong. My EC's are also okay (volunteer with kids since I was 16, part of a STEM nonprofi
  4. Did you finish a degree or just completed some years of undergrad?
  5. Did you end up getting in? Im contemplating whether or not to apply in my second year
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