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  1. Did you finish a degree or just completed some years of undergrad?
  2. Did you end up getting in? Im contemplating whether or not to apply in my second year
  3. Is it hard for pharmacists to make over 100k now? Pharmacy used to be a BSc which made the salary justifiable. However now its a pharmd and i feel like a salary under 100k wouldnt cut it since you have to invest so much into the career
  4. Is this starting or just general? Thats pretty low tbh
  5. Are you currently in pharmacy? My other plan is dentistry and judging by grades I think I have a decent chance however I just dont know if I will like it. Some days I get excited about it while other days I feel depressed thinking about my life as a dentist. From what I've seen pharmacists can easily make a six figure salary. However, Im not sure how likely automation is for it
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