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  1. Hey! I got in this past cycle with basically those exact stats. You definitely have a chance.
  2. I know this is purely anecdotal, but I had a slightly higher GPA than you and MUCH lower MCAT and got accepted this past cycle! You'll definitely get an interview with those stats so just focus on doing well on that! You're in a pretty good position.
  3. I got accepted this year with a lower MCAT and similar/maybe a bit higher GPA btw
  4. I think that this year, because they know in advance that it's online, you guys will have a more structured MMI and possibly more stations. Obviously just my personal opinion! But there was such little notice for everything going online last year I'm sure it was a bit of a scramble for them to set it up, and they won't have that problem this year.
  5. Hey sorry I missed this! Did my MPH at UBC. Ended up with a higher GPA than undergrad with significantly less stress and more free time
  6. I looks like it's mandatory for all CASPer takers. I don't know if USask will use it, but I think you have to do it either way. The website has a little more information https://takecasper.com/2020/08/what-is-casper-snapshot-and-how-can-it-help-my-application/
  7. I think it's different because the snapshot is an actual video of yourself rather than the typed responses. It's like an EXTREMELY mini MMI.
  8. This is purely anecdotal - but I'm in the MPH at UBC right now and one of my good friends is in PGY-1 in their PHPM program so he's currently in my degree program with me. He graduated from med at U of T. From what he said, the specialty doesn't seem to be super competitive because the interest is low compared to other specialties. This may change in the following years though, especially with public health professionals being thrown into the spotlight lately!
  9. To add to rmorelan above, the Public Health and Preventative Medicine residency at UBC automatically includes taking a Master of Public Health degree which you can tailor to health policy by choosing your electives and practicum that way. I'm not sure if all PH&PM residencies include MPH's as part of their training, but you'd be well positioned to work in health policy either way!
  10. Just to add to this - I also had a rough start to my undergrad (W in a couple classes, D+ in OChem, etc.) but showed a VERY strong upward trend in managed to have a 4.0 in my last 2 years of undergrad and in my Masters. I was accepted this cycle which was my second try and first interview. If you can make it past the cutoffs for USask, which is reasonable if you're IP, then you'll have a decent chance if you rock your interview! If you're OOP then you will need to take some extra time to bring up that GPA and make sure you ace the MCAT... but like skmed257 said above, if this is your dream the
  11. Hi! I'm currently in my MPH and just got accepted to med this cycle! Would love to chat
  12. Thank you! They accepted it this afternoon! They told me they'll be offering my seat to the next person on the waitlist tomorrow!
  13. According to the AFMC data over the past 5 years there's been between 3-7 deferrals each year. I don't know if they cap it each year but they approved mine very quickly and easily One of you guys should be getting an email tomorrow!
  14. Status: Accepted!!!!! 1st quartile IP - Regina Time Stamp: June 3, 2020 GPA: No idea! I did my undergrad at 2 schools with an 87 GPA at one and only letter grades at the other with one year where I had both a D and a W on my transcript, and I have a 91 GPA in my Masters. So I would guess somewhere in the 80's MCAT Score: 505 Location: IP I honestly felt like crap after my interview so I'm so excited to be able to make this post!!! This was my 2nd year applying so please never give up. I'll be requesting a deferral of my seat since I'm not quite finished my Masters ye
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