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  1. Wow I havn't been on the website so I am so shocked by all the wonderful messages. I am still feeling pretty sad and hopeless about this cycle but thank you for the nice messages. Not sure if I will try again or not but I guess ill see what happens this cycle and decide if I have enough energy for another cycle.
  2. thanks for the encouragement. I don't think I'll get in this year sadly though. Mac is up to luck. Ottawa I am so far down the good waitlist it does not seem possible and since I did not do well in Ottawa I doubt I would be able to get in queens. Plus its the smaller program. It feels worst getting waitlisted for 3 compared to last year when I got waitlisted on one. This time I failed 3 times
  3. Just needed to rant a little so here it is. I have applied three times, first time straight rejected, the second time I had one interview and was waitlisted and this time I got three interviews at Ottawa, Mac and Queens and really thought this was my year, guess that is my fault as nothing is a guarantee but my interviews felt better than last year. I was really thinking I was going to do it this time and all the pain and sacrifice would be worth it. However, I have been waitlisted for all three and I'm devastated The last two times I was sad that I didn't get in but wa
  4. I was thinking the same thing so don't worry . WL is stressful, but try and stay positive! Good Luck Friend
  5. Wow, I don't check the forms often but this is crazy...
  6. I heard "a couple" in the first online session. The recording starts after he says it though so can't confirm.
  7. Are PA's able to work in sport medicine? Are they able to work with like a pro level sport team? Sports has always been a passion of mine and I have always thought of medical school to do sport medicine but I found out about PA's and wouldn't mind assisting a doctor if I can still do sports medicine. As well, I would love to work abroad to help others who may not have a healthcare system like Canada's or in times of criss. Like doctors with out boarders, however I don't see any paid jobs for PA's to do this. Thanks!
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