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  1. Has there been any movement at all for the past few weeks?
  2. So the HWL has been completely cleared?
  3. Congratz! I guess that's it for the NWL movement
  4. Isn't that only if you personally are not available for contact and you have to assign someone on behalf of you as the point of contact? Same for me so I am not sure if this is a "problem".
  5. Timestamp theory is invalid then. There is another NWL offer with a 9:32am timestamp but I think a bunch of NWL got emails before then.
  6. Congratulations! What is the timestamp of your original waitlist email if you don't mind checking?
  7. Making many assumptions here: 1. Campus placements for the unspecified acceptances are probably made but the staff in charge of sending the emails out may have a holdup. 2. Slow waitlist movement since all the waitlist offers are to Windsor right off the bat unless there are people who got off the WL to London and did not post here 3. Very small HWL this year - so maybe they have already determined who in the NWL will also be getting offers and the staff in charge of contacting those people decided to do so as soon as they get the list.
  8. @Ss123toyCould it be a prank call from your friends LOL
  9. Ah my bad, just re-read the original message
  10. By any chance, could you have mistaken your HWL email as a NWL email? Do you mind quoting what you received in the email?
  11. Can the high waitlistees please update us when you get an offer :)?
  12. no idea... I think there was some speculation about the correlation last year but nothing was ever proven.
  13. Time Stamp: 9:30 am WL Ranking (H, N, L): N Accepting Another Offer (Y/N): N Why are the accepted/waitlist threads so dead this year :(
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