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  1. Hi Everyone! Just putting this up here to see if there are still those out there who have one or more transcripts marked 'Not Received'. I sent 4 transcripts in July and 3 of them have been received. This is obviously stressful because of the uncertainty but I just wanted to see if there are those out there who are in the same situation. I have a receipt and proof from the institution that it was sent in July. I don't want to bother the Admissions Office with this but I just have this fear that my application is going to be voided because some a transcript issue.
  2. Amazing! I’m so happy for you! Have a great rest of your summer and I hope you kill it in 1st year!
  3. I think Calgary has already confirmed that they have extended their MCAT deadline to mid-September. It's on their most recent admissions blog post. As for the rest it remains unclear. Stay positive everyone! We never know what's around the corner!
  4. Hahaha omg after seeing all the statistics work being done just to try and figure out the Waitlist order I'd DEFINITELY be seeking out all of you for study group work
  5. Stay positive you guys! I hope we all hear some good news! Also it's so impressive that many of you are pursuing graduate work!
  6. Just out of curiosity were you a high 99xx? I understand if you don’t feel comfortable sharing though. Congratulations!!!
  7. I'm a 99xx and I'm IP. So many unknown variables make this whole process very speculative. Congratulations to everyone who has received offers thus far though!!!
  8. Thanks for the help everyone. Mine is same doc title. Creation time was 2:42PM (no seconds are provided on mine) What exactly is the theory? The earlier the doc is created = higher position on WL? Also: I feel like there is a Netflix series waiting to be created from all of these forum posts....
  9. I’m writing music and starting a LOTR marathon. Aaaaaand that’s about it. LOL
  10. Thanks so much everyone for the in depth analysis’. Very helpful and offers a sense of hope and direction.
  11. Anyone done the legwork to see how many students are accepted off the waitlist? I’ve tried looking but I don’t think everyone posts on the forum so it’s tough to get an idea. hope everyone is having a good day! Try to stay positive! It’s not a matter of “IF” anymore...Just WHEN
  12. I also have seen waitlist offers on this forum as late as June and some (unposted) friends were offered as late as 1 week before classes begin.
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