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  1. I requested a police check from my local police station by going to their website. You fill out all the required information, pay the fee and they will mail you the completed police record check. It isn't due until September 16 so I suppose we hand it in to the admin office when school starts.
  2. Result: Accepted (OMSAS) - St.George! Timestamp: Checked OMSAS at 7am wGPA: 3.95 MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: Lots of healthcare experience, volunteer at crisis centre Essays: Very proud of them Interview: Had a good feeling walking out but wasn’t sure as the days went on. In-person or Virtual: In-person. Year: Graduated Geography: GTA
  3. Result: Accepted!! (Unspecified) Timestamp: 12:00 on student portal 2-year GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 129/129/127 Interview: Online Year: Graduated Geography: Non-SWOMEN Still waiting on UofT to update before making a decision! Edit: Will be declining for UofT, good luck to those on the waitlist hang in there!
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