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  1. I think your chances are really high. I will be declining my McMaster offer so that should help you too. You're so close. Don't lose hope!
  2. Accepted to U of T, McMaster, and Western for OT! Haven't heard from Queens yet. All three have sent my offer letters via email and updated the status on ORPAS. U of T has also specified the campus in the email (I got St. George!). Good luck to everyone still waiting! I will be accepting my U of T offer, so this should move you up on the McMaster and Western waitlists!
  3. Congrats to those who received an offer from McMaster! WESTERN HAS ALSO UPDATED THE PORTAL!
  4. For those of you who have "Invited" on Acorn, what does it say for the degree code? MSOT or MSOT2?
  5. This is super helpful. Thank you! So we won't know the UofT campus assignment until 7 am??
  6. Wow that gives me some relief! Would you mind sharing when you found out if your acceptance was for UTM or St. George? Where can I find campus assignment information of Acorn?
  7. My first choice is UofT because it's close to home and I can easily commute. UTM isn't ideal for me tbh, but I would still be open to it. Does it say on Acorn whether the acceptance is for UTM or St. George? I couldn't find that bit of information!
  8. Thanks for your reply! That's interesting. Maybe it could still just be a glitch for some accounts? I'm hesitant to even celebrate this yet haha.
  9. U of T OT: I did not receive an email about registering on Acorn for OT, but I applied to another program at U of T (not Masters) and registered on Acorn for that. I just logged on and OT is there as well and it says "Invited" and that I am required to make a minimum payment. Sort of freaking out...does this mean I am accepted or is this just the default for all applicants?
  10. ONE WEEK UNTIL OT DECISIONS FOR ONTARIO! Does anyone know if they send emails right at 12 am or like later in the day? So nervous, anxious and excited!
  11. Just under a month until we hear back from Ontario schools for OT! I'm so excited and nervous! It's hard not to think about it all the time...especially being at home all day. Anyone have an idea what the GPA cut off was for OT at UofT, Queens, and Western last year?
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