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  1. Thank you for your detailed response -JAG- There would be no problem if these specialists would be making this much money in private practice However, as all of this money comes from the common pot, billing disproportionately larger amounts than other specialists/generalists is essentially taking a big fat dump on them "We are better than every other specialty" mentality... --- In the US, specialists don't have such an insane spread in compensation. Ophthalmologists receive on average a $366K, Radiologists $419K, Cardiologists $430K and Gastroenterologists $417K. All s
  2. The Star's database is actually great for this: 97 of the 479 ophthalmologists (1/5) billed over $1 mill; top 10 ophthalmologists billed a range from $2.26 mill to $5.36 mill; and the #1 guy (Narendra Armogan) billed more than $42 million over the past seven years, with an average of over $6 million annually. This is a big middle finger to all other specialties
  3. Thank you for your clarification. Do you have any insight into when this realignment will happen or if it will happen at all? Right now these specialties are god-like (e.g. opthalmology has an amazing lifestyle and a $1mill+ salary) and many people want to pursue these specialties for that reason. I think if the salaries of these 4 are aligned to be comparable to other specialist/generalist salaries, it could be a deal-breaker for many students.
  4. So there is serious talk that these specialties will be hit the hardest by the realignment of income: Ophthalmology Radiology Cardiology Gastroenterology Does anyone have any insight into what the reduction of income will be like in these specialties?
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