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  1. For those that got interviews, do they confirm receipt of the response form we have to email by Feb 5? I'm just paranoid.
  2. I know this is super late but I'm looking for a group to prep with - if you're willing to have me let me know
  3. I'm also looking for an MMI prep group - if you make one or find one would love to join!
  4. I'm also interested! Is there a group chat set up that I can join?
  5. If you're still accepting people, I'd love to join! Is there a whatsapp group now?
  6. I'm interested as well! Is there a group chat on whatsapp or something I can join? Also what timezone is the first meeting on the 16th?
  7. I haven't even been able to get into the application status tab on OAS for the past hour. I just want to see it at this point lol any idea when it will stop crashing? Also seeing some insane results - stuff isn't adding up based on people getting Rs with their scores ... idk
  8. Ah! Really nervous. First time applicant. OOP with lowish GPA (~87% I think) but high MCAT so I'm hoping to get an interview because I think my chances will be better after that. If I make it past this first hurdle that is. I've been flipping back and forth between hoping I get an interview and preparing for a R. I'm also just excited to see my NAQ score and all that. Very nervous but also fingers crossed!!
  9. Thank you so much! This really gives me hope
  10. Thanks, the breakdown on the average really clears some of the panic in my mind. I plan to apply anywhere that I can meet the requirements so hopefully it works out.
  11. Wow congrats on that MCAT score! I'm definitely going to be putting in a lot of work on the MCAT. What prep materials did you use for each subject and how long did you study for?
  12. Thanks for the input and encouragement. I definitely agree that writing the ECs and essays will have a huge impact. I plan to get started on those early and do lots of reviewing and editing - hoping to get some people to read them as well. Definitely going to be working hard on the GPA this semester to get it up as much as possible.
  13. Hi there. Just trying to get a better understanding of my chances at Ontario med schools - I've really lost perspective on if I'm good enough over the last year and just want some opinions. Please be brutally honest. I'm currently in my 3rd year of undergrad at UofT. GPA listed is OMSAS GPA predicting what I'll have at the end of this year (as a medium case scenario). cGPA: 3.87 UofT wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: Haven't written yet. Took the NS full length without studying last summer and got 506 (126/126/127/127) if that means anything. Other info: very involved since my high sc
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