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  1. yeah once you finish your masters that should help!
  2. gpa for UofT is on the low side. did u get an interview?
  3. it was unfortunately last semester ugh!!! i'll call on monday to confirm, but based on the term "annual gpa" as well as reading past years forums, it seems to be about the year gpa and not individual course. hopefully this is the case or else im screwed lol
  4. says who? it says "annual gpa? and in all the past forums, people said annual gpa for this year
  5. for those that got in, do we need to maintain an overall 3.0 GPA overall or 3.0 in every course????
  6. any chance they come out today since they have always come out on thursdays?
  7. i called the admissions office yesterday and they said next week.
  8. thats what i think. i think if faculty members said the 28th, they meant at the latest 28th. And that's something we already knew (march 1 is a sunday)
  9. "By early January each year, shortlisted applicants to the DDS program will be invited for an interview and a tour of the Faculty of Dentistry, via e-mail based on their potential as shown by their academic achievement, DAT scores, CASPer test scores and essays."
  10. i feel the essay was used preinterview to give people with lower GPAs/DAT a better chance of getting an interview
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