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  1. I'm not necessarily arguing for whether a student is less deserving of medical school because of a few extra courses with less satisfactory grades. But how else are they supposed to differentiate applicants?? If everyone has a 3.95+ GPA, GPA becomes obsolete and now they only evaluate you based on your essays and extra-curricular activities, which are much more subjective and prone to luck. If you really feel that this new change is unfair to your particular situation, you can always write an academic explanations essay, as William Osler stated above. The unfortunate truth about applying t
  2. I can understand how people feel frustrated with this new change and I can completely understand where you're coming from! I really, truly feel for you, as this change was very unexpected and came about during a stressful time. But please try looking at it this way. If someone consistently maintained an A to A+ average with a couple of A-s and B+s, their wGPA might be similar to another student who also has an A to A+ average but with more Cs and Bs, which would get removed as per UofT's wGPA policy. Person A and Person B would both have very similar wGPA's but with greater grade variation
  3. I just find it weird that it would only affect students with a McMaster interview, if it in fact were a meaningless glitch (wouldn't it affect people randomly)? Plus, if the button = lottery, were students only picked a few business days before offer release date? I find that a little hard to believe. It's quite possible that both buttoners and non buttoners will be given offers, but not that they indicate top 100 vs. lottery picks.
  4. Also would like to add my data point 3.92 GPA 127 CARS Received uO interview as well have button
  5. I can't react to anymore posts for today but I just wanted to say that makes sense and I agree with you!
  6. ok, i'm going to play devil's advocate here for a second. While I can completely understand the frustration behind the partial lottery system that has been put into place, it can actually be considered fair in some sense. For example, if you were the 455th ranked applicant prior to interviews, the interview was your chance to really show yourself. You could be amazing at the interview and now be ranked at the 88th position and receive an offer, probably even getting your first campus choice. However, now that there is no interview, it would be extremely hard to jump from the 455th position
  7. With those high stats, you probably don't even need a high CASPER to get an interview at Mac. For Ottawa, your GPA (which I would assume is somewhere around 3.97 - 4) can also offset a lower CASPER/ABS score, but seeing that you got into queens, you probably have a great ABS!
  8. guys i know we've seen a lot of different numbers but CASPER is still a blackbox. People could have prepped together and still done differently because they vibed with the situations differently. Some could have gotten a Mac interview but not an interview at Ottawa because of their ABS. There's just so many different factors and people can think they did well on the CASPER but in fact they might have not done as well as they think, despite getting interviews at other schools that require CASPER.
  9. yea it's quite likely the green button thing that happened on Mosaic. I don't think OMSAS gets updated when someone is given an interview (but please correct me if I'm wrong). But this is a different situation since this is about offers, and not necessarily invitations to interview
  10. Honestly, i really don't understand this theory. Before today, no one had the button. Today, some people have the button. Let's say Mac was the first to send in their decisions today, and some people got the button. That person might also get an offer from another school that they interviewed at that has yet to release their decisions, so how would their file be "complete"?
  11. i think the submit response button is also for people who would wish to withdraw choices in general
  12. but it just doesn't make sense to have the button in the first place if you don't have any offers... what offer responses would I reset if i'm given none?
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