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  1. Hi, I was wondering if med students who got admitted after doing a bachelors (or more) are advantaged for the residency match compared to the students who got in after CEGEP because they have more research/better CV.
  2. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait si on a reçu une offre au campus Mauricie, est-ce qu'il est possible de recevoir une offre au campus de Montréal plus tard si une place se libère?
  3. Combien d'offres sont faits intialement pour la catégorie collégiale?
  4. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait combien d'offres sont faits initialement pour la catégorie collégiale?
  5. J'ai le même problème que vous.
  6. Je suis un applicant dans la catégorie collégien et hier soir j'ai vu qu'ils me proposaient de faire un dépôt pour le programme. Ce matin, j'ai aussi reçu le email d'admission. Par contre, aujourd'hui, ils ne me proposaient plus de faire un dépôt et dans le centre étudiant c'est indiqué que mon dossier est toujours à l'étude. Est-ce que c'est normal?
  7. Hi, I'm applying for med-p this year and very recently (last 2-3 days), my verifiers informed me that they were contacted by mcgill. I found it weird as they were contacted after the first step (which would normally lead to the invitations to the interviews). Supposedly, it is only during the first step that they look at the cv, and I passed it as I was shortlisted. During the information conference given by the faculty, the people giving the conference also mentioned that they only look at the casper for the final decision. It's probably not a big deal, but does anyone have an idea why
  8. For example for the situation they give in the casper sample test, with a person that is trying to return something to your shop without a receipt and says that he has a sick daughter, would breaking the rules to help her be a good idea? If not, if the person told you his daughter was dying and needed the money for some expensive treatment, would breaking the rules then be a good idea?
  9. Hey everyone, I've been practicing for my casper test that is coming up soon and was wondering if there are any cases where you wouldn't follow the rules/policy in a video situation? Thanks!
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