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  1. Depending on where you live and what the job market is like with COVID, you could look into working in disability services. I only had about 16 hours total of shadowing experience (OT), but had over 1000 hours working in disability services, and I got into OT this year. I would assume that next year, the application committees at all the schools will understand that students will have a much harder time finding volunteer/work experience. Disability services is very much within the realm of rehab work, you're just often on the very front line.
  2. A bit off topic, but this forum post (the 2020 version) has over double the pages of the 2019 one.
  3. Not yet, if I remember correctly they said in an email not to register until they give some further instructions later in the summer.
  4. I got mine, but we just got an email to our U of A address and it said that the message from FGSR is coming, they just have hundreds to process. So don't worry!
  5. It should be in the GSMS Portal, under the 'messages' tab. Then under the 'admissions' tab there will be a offer letter and a button that you click to respond to their offer. https://www.ualberta.ca/gradstudies/about/gsms I think that is the link to the portal. You login using your personal email that you used when you started the application process (that's what my login info was at least).
  6. For those going to U of A for OT - I just got the FGSR message on the portal, and all it said was "Congratulations on your acceptance. Please respond to your Offer prior to the Offer Expire Date." Does anyone know how we are supposed to respond to this offer? I know I'm supposed to send out official transcripts too.. but there is no info in that message about where to send it. Anyone have info? Nevermind, I'm just dumb. You go to the "admissions" tab and you can respond to the offer and it has all the info for mailing transcripts in the offer letter they uploaded there.
  7. That really is poor timing, I'm sorry to hear that. You might want to email them and just ask and see what they say. There is no indication about what they will do about the Fall. My assumption is that people will be prepared for online courses in the Fall so it won't be as disruptive as it was this semester. Still, you could ask U of A about that as well. I'm just speculating.
  8. I don't have any specific info for you, but I will say that if you achieved highly enough to get into an OT program, you will be able to pass OT classes! Don't dwell on it.
  9. I think that any grades from this semester will not count for all cycles going forward. I'm not sure how it would have affected applicants this cycle (2019-2020).
  10. I am hoping to get into the Calgary campus for U of A OT, and if classes start online I will just wait to move to Calgary until classes are in-person again. It's easier for me to do this because I only live like 2.5 hours away from Calgary, so a move wouldn't be that far. For people who would have to come from farther away it might make sense to move for the start of school regardless? I dunno.
  11. I can only speak for U of A, but on their version of the letter of intent, they have a question that asks you if you'd like to explain any extenuating circumstances during/after your degree that may have impacted your application. So you'd be able to describe the situation (i.e. why you failed some courses and had withdrawals), and then explain how you've overcome whatever was affecting you (sorry not trying to downplay your mental health, just don't know how else to word this), and how you are now doing much better (and then point to your subsequent semesters doing well with a full course loa
  12. I am, though I am really hoping to go to the Calgary campus. Still, send me a PM anytime!
  13. No problem! I am not sure exactly what they mean by "strong GPA". The last couple years the minimum admission GPA for U of A was 3.7, so I think close to that would be a safe bet. What that means for you regarding next years schedule is up to you! If it was me, I would probably try to take a full course load and get as high a GPA as possible.
  14. As rehabhopeful said, for U of A it'd be great to have at least 2 semesters back-to-back where you're taking 5 courses, so if you have done that at some point (and maintained a strong GPA), then you should be good. If not, I would consider changing your schedule around a bit (if you can). Rehabhopeful correctly said that they do consider applicants with 4 course semesters, but in my opinion it would be safer if you could get a few 5-course semesters (if you haven't already). As far as I remember, your 60th credit will be calculated based on your Fall 2019 average. I don't think a si
  15. I'm really hoping to attend the Calgary campus since I live in Southern Alberta. Can you share a bit more about what your experience has been like? Thanks!
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