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  1. It’s mostly online, but we also have half days that are in-person about 2-3 times per week
  2. Just accepted U of T PT so waitlists for Western and Queen's PT will be moving by at least one spot!
  3. That sounds awesome!! Thanks so much for answering and I'll definitely reach out if I have more questions!
  4. This is amazing - thanks so much! I was already pretty sure I'd be accepting U of T but this just confirms it even more. How would you say the social aspect is within U of T PT? Do you guys get together and do stuff, play intramurals, etc.? In my master's program right now, you're pretty isolated but I always wanted to be in a program that actually socializes and where there's a sense of community/family. Would you say you have this in PT at U of T? (pre-COVID of course)
  5. I emailed U of T PT today asking about this and this is what they said: "At this time, the Department is planning to deliver a hybrid curriculum in the fall, consisting of some online components and some in-person components."
  6. Hey, thank you for the info! Just a quick question - I believe Western focuses a lot of emphasis on ortho/MSK/manual therapy. I completed my master's in pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation; would you say that there is a decent amount of cardio-resp content and that there are a lot of opportunities for placements within cardio-resp or is everything more-so MSK-based? I've been accepted to both U of T and Western so just offhand, I'm thinking U of T would provide more cardio-resp opportunities than Western but want to make sure. Thanks so much!
  7. Really interested to hear any other thoughts from current PT students since I’m debating between Western and U of T as well!
  8. I was #25 on the waitlist 2 years ago for Mac PT and was accepted 3 weeks after first rounds went out!
  9. I applied to Mac PT 2 years ago and was waitlisted at #25, and was offered admission ~3 weeks after first rounds went out so I think you're definitely okay!
  10. Ohh okay, I'm wondering if your ACORN email was actually linked to your application for the Master of Exercise Science and not actually your PT application, but can obviously see all your applications once in ACORN. Regardless, congrats if it says 'invited' !
  11. I haven't received one either and I think if everyone had received an email, we would've heard alot more about it so I wouldn't worry!
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