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  1. Your scores are pretty good! As long as your GPA and essays aren't lacking I wouldn't worry too much about your DAT scores
  2. I was accepted this year at UofT with practically no shadowing experience, but I did have a lot of EC's (none related to dentistry though!)
  3. I went with a more "informal" style and started it off as a story and then transitioned to a more formal format near the end. I think the most important thing is to be concise with getting your points across but also writing something that will capture their attention! Keep in mind that there are hundreds of others writing these essays, and I'm sure you can imagine how boring it would get to constantly read an intro like "My greatest accomplishment is...". Anyways that's my 2 cents
  4. I'm currently at UofT and I applied with a 3.81 GPA with an undergrad only, albeit a very good DAT score. So you've got this OP! Work on that DAT score and you'll make it
  5. Your best bet is probably to email admissions and ask them directly
  6. I went with RBC because the infinite grace period is awesome, and I think the advisor told me we keep the LOC for the rest of our life, so if you needed that money to invest in something down the line its always available.
  7. Anyone know how dentists afford opening a clinic these days? Looks like with some quick research in Toronto the cheapest clinics are well over half a million and I don't get how the funding works for that. Haven't even started my D1 but it's always nice to think ahead...
  8. Primarily datcrusher for practice but I did a lot of self learning with kaplans DAT prep book. I would set aside at least an hour everyday to just watch khan academy or similar channels that cover the harder topics in Bio. Practice is key!!
  9. I had a similar gpa to yours but my DAT score was a little bit better so if you could bring up that score and improve your essay I have no problem seeing you make it, especially once you've finished your masters. Don't give up! Your EC's are great!
  10. Have you been taking a full courseload? UofT will drop your lowest year if you are all the way through your bachelors. I know its not a US school but nonetheless don't eliminate options
  11. There was a post somewhere which I can't find right now that showed it's generally at least 20 but sometimes near 40.
  12. Just got an acceptance! I'm shaking!! 24 AA 22 PAT 3.89 GPA Completed Bachelors and took a gap year/incomplete masters.
  13. Nope I called and they confirmed it's coming out tomorrow.
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