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    noku95 reacted to rainy in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    Sorry *Details. Spelling mistake
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    noku95 reacted to rainy in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    Yes, you say No and give dtails of your conflict. They will reschedule you.
    I got rescheduled for March 7.
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    noku95 reacted to PreMed#219099 in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    ** wondering the same
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    noku95 reacted to TrustTheProcess21 in uOttawa Interview Invite/Rejection 2021   
    Relax y’all... it’ll be before the end of this week! Just enjoy life in the meantime and be patient!
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    noku95 reacted to pigeon34 in Verifiers   
    No one knows for sure, but if you had a verifier contacted I can only assume you're one step closer to good news. But results come out this week so just wait
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    noku95 reacted to corgi321 in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Hmmm in that case looks like I'll see you folks again tomorrow morning
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    noku95 reacted to tungsten44 in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Just sent them a friendly inquiry. Will update here if/when they respond
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    noku95 got a reaction from AB27 in Overall GPA is now updated under Document Tracking   
    I believe Ottawa will use this as well! Given that there is no weighted gpa this year
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    noku95 got a reaction from guest123 in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    UdeM has been declared online as well!
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    noku95 reacted to guest123 in Fall 2020 McGill Online   
    I get what you mean, but due to the novel situation people may have their own personal obligations and situations. We do not know what everyone is going through. Stay safe!
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    noku95 reacted to Total Gunner in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    yeah it's highly likely every school will be virtual at the start at least. 
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    noku95 reacted to theinbetween in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    Smart thinking. gives me a tiny 0.15 bit of hope 
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    noku95 reacted to pretomd in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    An interview is not an accurate screener for "great physicians", nor one for "bad physicians". Regardless of what measures you're using to define a great physician. 
    You may not want to accept this, but the reality is that most of the 550 would make fine physicians. Will there be some people who slip through who should not be physicians? Yes. This is true with Mac's 2020 selection strategy, and is also true with any other current selection strategy. You are also not inherently born with traits that destine you for medicine. A lot of what goes into being a good physician, you will learn while in medical school (+residency and practice). Shocking, I know. 
    Let me be clear: I agree with you that an interview is better than nothing. But not because it'll separate the "good" from the "bad". Because it requires you to put in work and learn to think in a certain way. But to suggest that an interview will accurately let you determine who will be good and bad physicians is ludicrous. 
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    noku95 reacted to pretomd in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    I understand you're upset. If I were in your shoes, I would be upset too. And this might be really hard to hear - but an interview was always just a dressed up lottery. I've read a lot of outrage about the absence of "merit" in this thread, but the reality is, there's little merit to an interview. An interview does not select for success in medicine (whether MMI or otherwise). An interview selects for the ability to interview well. That's it. 
    The process was extremely luck-based before. That hasn't changed. What's changed is that you (and many of your colleagues) believe your agency has been taken away from you. And that's fair. Whether it's true or not is another question. 
    Final thing to consider (and this is another hard pill to swallow) - these are extenuating circumstances and this is bigger than you. A bit of perspective will take you a long way, especially as an aspiring physician. I implore you, as difficult as it is, to understand that everyone in the entire world is affected by this. Nothing about this situation is fair. Accept it for what it is and at least wait until Tuesday before lamenting your own hardship. 
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    noku95 reacted to hehe123 in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    Possible reasons:
    - proximity to family (existing housing in hamilton, etc...)
    - familiarity (undergrad at mac, knows researchers/faculty, community, etc...)
    - 3 year
    - couples avoiding long distance relationships
    - only offer
    - pbl
    - for the memes
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    noku95 reacted to JohnGrisham in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    Again, in this scenario..no one is getting in "just because of luck".

    Even in the old scenario,  there is already a large amount of luck once you get to top 600.    Luck of having a slightly higher GPA, because you had a slightly easier courseload, better courses that term, didn't have to work because you were lucky to be born into a well off family, etc etc etc. Luck of having an MCAT exam that hit your strengths and not all your weaknesses, luck of being in a good headspace and clicking with interviewers on the interview day. Luck, luck, luck.

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    noku95 reacted to James Nystead in McMaster Updated Selection Process Poll   
    I feel like people's attitudes will change based on whether they got accepted or not and what their true position is on the pre-interview ranking (but nobody will ever know this). 
    In comparing the current situation vs accept the top 330 approach (keep the pre-interview ranking): 
    If am part of the top 100 and accepted, I won't care since either way you would've been accepted.
    If I am part of the 100-330 and rejected, I would be livid since I would've been accepted if the pre-interview rankings were used but I was rejected because a computer said so.
    If I am part of the 100-330 and accepted, I won't care since either way you would've been accepted.
    If I am part of the 330-550 and accepted, I would be ecstatic since I would have been rejected if the pre-interview rankings were used (but with a healthy dose of imposter syndrome that will definitely weigh heavy no me throughout my career)
    If I am part of the 330-550 and rejected, I would be slightly not as upset since at least my chances with a lottery were better than if the pre-interview rankings were used. 
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    noku95 reacted to bearded frog in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    Me reading this thread as someone who graduated from Mac 3 years ago after a very positive experience:

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    noku95 reacted to JohnGrisham in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    They were already evaluated on merit by getting to the top 500 and being considered for the lottery.
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    noku95 reacted to TheWayIAre in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    Guys and gals, PLEASE calm down. The amount of bias here is bordering on mass hysteria and cult-like. Nobody knows anything. Just leave it at that.
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    noku95 reacted to medicallyricalmiracle in May 12 Countdown Thread 2020   
    it doesn't make sense to me why schools don't inform you of your position on the waitlist. what problems could arise from knowing? i feel like it'd be a great relief to know if you're #3 on the waitlist, and conversely would give you closure if you're #200 lol
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    noku95 reacted to MedGoldfish in Will McMaster release selection criteria before May 12?   
    I agree, I think people will be upset once they announce the selection criteria.
    However, I don't blame anyone for feeling that way. The fact that McMaster is choosing future physicians based on three numbers, none of which involve speaking with the applicants online or in-person, is a really strange thing to wrap your head around. I almost feel like a supervisor interviewing you for a weekly volunteer position would get to know you better than what Mac is doing.
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    noku95 reacted to DispIay Name in How will COVID-19 affect applicants this upcoming cycle?   
    Giving everyone the exact same treatment seems pretty fair to me
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    noku95 reacted to KitKatCo in How will COVID-19 affect applicants this upcoming cycle?   
    Damn you beat me to this exact idea! I am also of the opinion that they will drop it from their consideration.
    Medical schools will have no idea what the grades obtained in this semester actually represent without knowing the institution, knowing how every professor reacted, and knowing the home life of every applicant during that time. mean. A good grade could mean the student managed to do incredibly well despite the circumstances, or that the transition online made the course easier, or that the professor marked easier, etc... A bad grade could mean the student gave up on the course, that the student had a house situation not conducive to learning (children at home, abusive family, no access to resources...), or that the professor made the course harder because it is now online. Consider students who did poorly on a midterm and were banking on future assignments and a final to bring up their grade to instead see most of the weight of the final transferred to that midterm. A pass/fail could be from an institution who imposed them, or from a student who wanted to avoid a bad grade due to the aforementioned causes, etc... 
    Making this semester an option will add all of the above uncertainty into the GPA they consider for admission. 
    I don't think there will be something that will make everyone happy. Ultimately, admissions wants to know how students would do normally, not how they do when schools keep changing the academic goalposts due to a pandemic. 
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