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  1. Don’t give up so easily! Mac gives any student with a 3.4 GPA and interview, so if you rock it you could still stand a chance:) and UoT weighs the CAP quite heavily as well, so you might be in the running for there is you can make it to the CAP stage and really blow away the interview. I was accepted to both Mac and UoT this year with a 3.84 GPA, a little higher then yours, but not at the top by any means.
  2. I decided on UoT. While it will be more expensive and the commute won’t be fun (I don’t plan on moving to Toronto), I felt like the curriculum would suit me better, for one. I have nothing against the spiral curriculum for Mac, I just prefer the segmented approach of UoT. I also felt like the fact that UoT has a fairly heavy front end loaded curriculum in terms of in class leaning, it might be more suitable for our current pandemic restrictions compared toMac, which only has four placements and the first placement in January. I also attended the info sessions for both schools, and I
  3. I’ve declined Mac PT so someone should get some movement!
  4. @HK2018 How did you find the placements at Mac? I was looking into the catchment area and clinical partners list, and, especially compared to UoT, it felt a little limited? Did you, or anyone else, feel that way? And how are placements chosen/assigned? On that note, can anyone else give more info on their placement selection experience, and placements themselves, for the different programs?
  5. I did quite a lot of research into this before applying last year, as I also have an MSc. From my research (for last years application cycle) only UoT and Mac consider graduate marks out of the Ontario schools. Western and Queens do not.
  6. Can anyone out there elaborate on the Mac PT program a bit? The online resources I've found on the curriculum are a bit vague. I was wondering if any current students could give some insight into what the spiral curriculum is actually like? How is research incorperated? What about electives? Thanks in advance:)
  7. COuld you share one positive and one negative about the UWO program?
  8. I’ve been speaking with a reference of mine (a practicing PT) about UoT vs Mac. He states that in his experience, Mac grads tend to struggle more in practice initially, but do really well a couple years out. He said they tend to do better adapting and thinking outside the box. UoT grads seem better prepared for clinical practice fresh out of school, but don’t often expand their knowledge quite as much as Mac grads do after a few years. He also mentioned he doesn’t think the PBL from Mac or the traditional style teaching at UoT would be difficult to adapt to an onl
  9. Good morning After the release of Ontario admissions yesterday, I'm sure a lot of you (myself included) are on the fence about what program to choose if you received multiple offers. Especially with the pandemic restrictions complicating things, a lot of us are looking for more program information to help make our decisions. While it's easy to start weighing the pro's and con's of each universities curriculum, tuition, catchment area, geographical location, commute, etc., its hard to get an idea of what the experience of each program is like. I'd love to invite current student
  10. Perhaps it would be helpful to promote a new thread to this? Pros/Cons, Tips, personal experiences, strengths and weaknesses from different PT programs? I've been offered two schools and I'm also doing research into the different programs, but the official pages lack those personal stories. Update: I made a topic for this. We'll see if it catches on:)
  11. I completely understand where everyone is coming from, I have concerns too, and I think that the way in which schools plan to adapt their programs to this pandemic might be a large factor in admissions and deferrals (if allowed). Does anyone have any specific information on how each PT program is planning to adapt? As PT programs generally have such a strong hands on focus, I worry it might be more difficult to modify their programs, so any specifics people are willing to share might be helpful for those of us looking to make admission decisions over the next few weeks.
  12. Does anyone have any firm info on the structure for the fall term? For PT specifically? I'm deciding between UoT and Mac for PT. I know Mac is doing an info session next Thursday but I'm just curious if anyone has any inside information:)
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