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  1. I have heard all of these stories and read some rejection posts about some exceptional students don't get into medical schools, or even get an interview. And so I was just wondering, what do think stops students with high gpas (3.95-4.0) , and well rounded experiences (i.e. research, publications, volunteering, etc) from getting into med school?
  2. Thank you so much! This was definitely a helpful post. I am prepping to write the mcat this summer (just incase I do bad, then I can write it during my third year summer). But thanks for the advice, I think I definitely need to take time to look at all of my commitments and see what I should probably cut off for my own benefit
  3. *I deleted my question, thanks to those who responded though
  4. Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today I'm on here looking for a little bit of advice... In my first year of undergrad, during my first semester I scored a D in chemistry, but during second semester I got it up to an A-. Other than that, I got all As/A+s. If I take out that D from my gpa, my gpa (unweighted) would be a 3.97, but with it, it's a 3.8 (these are the projected numbers for when I apply during third year, I'm currently in second year). I want to apply during my third year to UofT and maybe one or two other med schools. I already have a bunch of extracurriculars/activi
  5. Hey congratulations on your acceptances! Is it okay if I pm you? I have a few questions about applying to the uk and the process as a Canadian student.
  6. I applied for QUARMS last year, unfortunately I didn't get in at the end, but I know some people who did. I honestly don't understand why there's so much hate towards those kids since the students admitted to this program are absolutely exceptional students. Judging by the students that were accepted in my year, their averages for the most part were around the 99-100% range which indicates an incredible amount of hard work throughout high school (trust me I know, I was one of them) and from the kids that I knew, they were really impressive (i.e.athletes, a champion of some sort, lots of award
  7. Thanks for the tips, I think I'll give Kaplan a shot!
  8. Hi everybody! I just finished my first year of undergrad and I'm starting to think about taking the MCATs during the summer of my second year. I've been researching the best books and study resources and I have come down to purchasing either 1) The Princeton Review, or 2) the Kaplan books. Alongside one of those book packs I am also thinking of buying the AAMC complete mcat prep bundle. I would love to know what everyone else used and what they thought was the most helpful resource. Also I will be very thankful for any tips and tricks that can help me tackle this exam so that I can hopef
  9. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how much will my chances at getting into Queens or UofT med be affected due to a BAD first year chem mark. So, a little background, I'm a first year UofT student and I am taking a full course load, like many other med hopefuls, so far scoring all As or A+s and I am super confident that I will continue to do so in the years to come, because I'm getting into a specialist program, with courses that I'm naturally very good at... So with a strong work ethic I'm sure I'm fine. The only problem is, I unfortunately got a lower than expected mark in my first semester chemis
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