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  1. Hey, someone got off the waitlist in mid August last year so you never know. Wishing you the best of luck!
  2. If I remember correctly, the questions I got last year were pretty standard. They don't give them to you beforehand.
  3. According to their website...All applicants with a 3.3/4.0 (B+ or 77% or 9/12) sub-GPA and who have met the requirements for the four pre-requisite courses, will be invited to participate in an online interview.
  4. It required both video and written responses last year. Try googling Kira talent interview questions and there are a lot of samples to be found.
  5. Unsuccessful applicants get an email as well. Last year, my friend didn't get an interview, and she got her email about a week after the interview invites were sent out.
  6. Yes, there is movement! I got off the waitlist for the Vancouver cohort on Monday, June 15th around 330 pm as well. I received my waitlist email on April 21st. For anyone still on the waitlist, don't give up hope!
  7. No, not yet. I suppose they didn't want to ruin our long weekend lol
  8. Congrats to everyone who got acceptance emails! I have not heard back from UBC at all and am following everyone's posts. At this point, I'm hoping to make the waiting list --unless those emails have gone out already too.
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