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  1. Hey guys, Congrats to all those who received offers Just wondering, have any of the offers shown up on OMSAS?
  2. Hi there, congrats to those who have gotten an interview!!! Just wanted to know if there was any information said in the pre-interview seminar from UofT about the interview waves? Are we to expect 3 waves with equal number of invitations, or the first wave (yesterdays) encompasses for ex, 75% of invites. Any insight is appreciated
  3. Thanks! Does this mean they won't even look/ consider the other entries?
  4. Hey guys, does anyone have any insight on how the top 3 activities of each section will be used? Will these be the only activities screened pre-interview, and used to allocate interviews? Any insight is welcomed thanks!
  5. Thanks for your response, really appreciate it! Also, congrats on making it in this year
  6. Thank you Snow8765! Will definitely be preparing just as hard for CASPER. Did you edit your previous ABS entries or were they more or less the same? I'm asking because I am aware that some schools like seeing a change/ something different in your ABS. I also felt like there was a luck component and the panels were not standardized, hoping for some more luck next year
  7. Question for anyone who hopefully sees this post.... If you received an interview two times in a year, could you please message me or respond to this post!!! I have a few questions!! THANKS SO MUCH
  8. Hi guys I had a question for those who have been able to secure a two+ consecutive interviews at UOttawa. Assuming you were not successful with your interview the first time around, when you reapplied... 1) Did you guys change your application significantly or was it more or less the same 2) What do you think your chances are of securing an interview the following year? 3) Are there individuals who had an interview one year and was not able to get one the next year? Thank you guys very much for your help. If you guys know anyone who might not be on these forums but have be
  9. Thanks for your response! Did you declare bilingualism and not get tested on it?
  10. How is french tested if you are applying into the english stream but declared bilingualism?
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