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  1. To get an interview, 70% of the ranking is cGPA/academics, 20% is CASPer, and 10% is your CV. If you frame it right and explain it well, your law experience could certainly make you stand out. It also depends on your other volunteering/work/leadership experience. Working in law may help, but I'd be surprised if it were enough on its own. You should be able to download a copy of McGill's MDCM CV template from their website, and that'll give you an idea of the sort of stuff they're interested in. Presumably if you're in law you should have a decent handle on principles of ethics and thinkin
  2. Well if you know which vaccinations you need you could just go you your local clinic and ask for them. Just make sure you get enough documentation to have the McGill nurses fill out the form for you.
  3. Well for McGill you're all set, because you've met the PIQ requirement of 1 dose at any age (which is what you need to enter a clinical environment in Quebec). You could just have the nurse write in the most recent dose and call it good. You only need to have the pertussis booster after 18 years old in order to do clinical electives outside of Quebec IIRC. That said it's probably easiest to just get another dose done now to avoid delays in the future. I think questions about the immunizations have to go through the McGill Wellness Hub(?) according to this. But I don't know how willing the
  4. If the class is for your master's degree I don't think it matters. Your basis of admissions degree needs to be officially granted by July 31 and they need to see a final transcript to verify that, but it's just your undergraduate (basis of admissions) degree. There are lots of people on these forums who have had master's or doctorate degrees in progress when they start the MDCM program. Some of them finish the graduate degree while in med school, while I think others just leave it unfinished. I think they want the official transcripts either way, but for a graduate program it doesn't need to s
  5. No problem. I completed a second undergraduate degree as a slightly older student to be more competitive, and it worked out for me. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any other questions.
  6. As long as your prerequisite grades are high enough to count for transfer credit (in the C+/B- range I think, but I'm not entirely sure) you'll be fine. The basic science prerequisite grades aren't used competitively like they used to be. The only grades that would matter for you would be the courses you take as part of your psychology degree at UQAM. I don't know anything about that specific program, but as long as it's a regular bachelor's program then it should be just fine. The only thing that really matters is maximizing your GPA in the program.
  7. Thanks! Do you know whether the Hepatitis B antibody and antigen tests are not necessary like last year?
  8. I asked them about it when I emailed about the BLS course and they just confirmed that there's a glitch and that they're working on it. Edit: The BCLS checklist item should be available now.
  9. I also don't have it. I think there may be a glitch with minerva because I emailed admissions and they said that they could see the BCLS item on their end. Also still no word on the Heart & Stroke BLS Provider course in particular.
  10. I emailed the Heart & Stroke Foundation a couple of weeks ago and they told me that it fulfills all the criteria that I outlined (i.e. copied and pasted from the McGill med website), but that I should confirm with McGill. I took another look and figured that it's probably fine so I went and registered for it. Edit: I've emailed admissions to double check.
  11. If you haven't written the MCAT already then what can they really expect from you... to write it before July 31 or something? That just seems weird.
  12. I've never heard of that, but there are some specific situations in which the MCAT is required IIRC so maybe it's possible you fall into one of those? Are you an in province applicant? Did you do your basis of admissions degree in Canada?
  13. I think that link is more general and doesn't entirely apply to med admissions. IIRC med admissions is supposed to mass-email everyone later tonight with the formal decisions and associated documentation/instructions.
  14. The conditions are outlined here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/maaf-medicine-en-202109.pdf This page may also be useful: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/newstudents/welcome
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