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  1. No problem. Yeah, your course load will probably be an issue for many schools. That said, I think Queens considers 3 courses/semester to be a full time course load. Of course it's risky to apply to only one school, but it might suite your situation enough to give you something to focus on. McGill on the other hand does require 4 courses/semester. Sometimes schools will take exceptional circumstances into consideration and let you submit a letter to explain/take responsibility for sub-par academic performance, or lack of full time studies during certain periods. I don't really know what the pro
  2. For McGill, I'm pretty sure they only consider a second bachelor's degree if you've totally completed and graduated from the first. If this is the case, then your 45 credits from Laval would still be considered in your cGPA. The other problem might be the 3 courses per semester. I know that some schools won't consider this full time, even if you're taking additional courses in the summer (which is what you seem to be doing if you're taking 3 courses per year, right?). I don't remember what McGill's policy on this is. As for whether you should complete a 90 or 120 credit degree I'm no
  3. I've been watching those discussions and wondering the same thing as well. I'm not really sure what factors are causing this in the states though, so I'm not really sure how it would map onto Canada. If I were to speculate, I'd say that lobbying/regulation/healthcare funding is different enough in Canada that it's unlikely that we would see the exact same situation. But what do I know lol.
  4. McGill just knocks any A+s down to As (4.0) and then calculates your cGPA based on that. If you want to confirm how they do it for your school you can download the Academic Workbook Guide here and there's a table in the appendix explaining it all.
  5. No iirc they don't! Whatever was completed by November 1 and was entered into the academic workbook is what they'll use to assess your GPA.
  6. Well you can apply based on a second undergraduate degree of at least 60 credits (generally 20 classes at 3 credits/class), but you need to 1) have at least 45 credits (15 classes) completed by the Nov. 1 application deadline, and 2) complete all remaining credits for the degree by July 31 of the year of matriculation to med school. In other words, you only need 15 courses to apply, but you need to complete at least 20 courses (i.e. you actually need to graduate with the second degree) before you start med if you're admitted. Does this answer your question?
  7. As long as the 25th was no later than the last date published on the McGill website you'll be fine. Last year I wrote the test on the last date available and minerva didn't mark it as received until the second week of November iirc. This year I did the same and it still says not received/not processed.
  8. So I actually went back and replaced my name in the citation with my student number, but I emailed admissions to see if that was okay. I just received the following reply: "I am writing to reassure you that this is fine. Note that we redact any names in the publication section for our raters, but if we need to verify anything in the office we can look up your name with your student ID." So it looks like you're fine either way because they process names out of the CVs before the raters see them.
  9. Yeah I don't think it's anything to worry about either. The system probably just updates on weekdays or something.
  10. McGill doesn't care about filename - on the webpage they even suggest that you put your first and last name in the filename, but they also say that it doesn't matter. As for the publications, I'm not sure. I don't have any solo publications, so I just left my last name/first initial in there assuming that it would be drowned out by all the other authors and they wouldn't notice. Now I'm wondering if I should replace my name with [student number] or something.
  11. Yeah I meant that more in case you wanted the certainty. But tbh it would be such a petty thing for them to ban you over I wouldn't even worry about it.
  12. I'm glad you figured out the problem. Your GPA is below the average, but if you get points for academic context and/or have a solid CASPer and CV then you still might be in the running! Good luck.
  13. Honestly I'd be surprised if they care at all, but the only way to find out is probably to ask them directly. It would be pretty strange if they banned you from future applications, and I haven't seen them publicly say anything about that. What do you mean "what happens with the score"? It'll disappear into the void and join all the expired MCAT scores lmao
  14. If money's not a problem and you've already written CASPer for this year I'd say yeah, give it a shot. Was the MSc on your application last year? You should get a bit of an academic score boost this year if it wasn't already on your application last year. But you probably need to have a really good CASPer result. At least if you apply this year with a completed MSc you might get a better sense of what you need to improve if you decide to apply again.
  15. From here: "up to 3 [basic science prerequisite] courses can be in progress during the year prior to starting the program." So yeah, you're fine.
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