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    Vons reacted to marine in Would writing that I've been a dishwasher after uni be detrimental to my application?   
    I graduated 3 years ago from UBC biology. I'm currently running 2 jobs, one of which is a dishwasher for a restaurant.
    I'm not going to try to embellish the position in the description from what it really is. I'm doing it to make ends meet and save more money for additional schooling. Would the adcoms think negatively of this position thinking that I'm just not trying to find a job? I've just gotten used to the looks on people's faces when I tell them what I do for a living after graduating from UBC over the years, but it is one of my longer commitments.
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    Vons reacted to anbessa21 in Would writing that I've been a dishwasher after uni be detrimental to my application?   
    This question makes me so sad. Really speaks to the classism that exists in the medical field, and more broadly in higher-education. Include it proudly, OP.
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    Vons reacted to indefatigable in Aerospace Medicine Career Path   
    There's an official documentation through the Royal College describing competencies.
    https://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/ibd-search-e?N=10000033+10000034+4294967073&label=Aerospace Medicine
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    Vons got a reaction from hoolymooly in Aerospace Medicine Career Path   
    From what I've seen in Canada the closest thing outside of the military would be working as a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner. That's really just doing pilot physicals though. There's a handbook that talks about the process of becoming a CAME on the Transport Canada website. I've seen a handful of people who have found roles as medical consultants with airlines, and some linkedin stalking could yield insight to those career trajectories. IIRC many of them have started as CAMEs. Generally I don't know that aerospace medicine is much of a discipline in Canada, but there seems to be enough of an overlap with dive medicine, austere/wilderness medicine and similar stuff that you might be able to put together some kind of specialized practice. I'm not super sure though - I'm trying to figure out this myself as well. If you haven't come across it already, check out www.amsro.org. IIRC there's a chapter for Canada so there may be some people there who can help you out.
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    Vons reacted to MSWschnoodle in The privilege of being able to volunteer   
    MOST of my extra curricular entries were employment and not volunteer based. I did a few small volunteer roles here and there but predominantly I was working because frankly I had to work full time while in university (rent has to get paid). Between classes, research and work that did not leave a ton of room for a lot of volunteer work. 

    I completely agree there are parts of the application process that absolutely favour higher SES students (medicine remains a club of privilege) but don't sell yourself short on your application before you've even submitted it. You can learn as much or more from a job as you would at a volunteer position.
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    Vons reacted to Médicomage in Manager won't let me take MCAT date off, what should I do?   
    I know a few provinces (like in Quebec) just voted for mandatory unpaid work-life balance days off that managers have to honor. Check with the labour standards in your province for what you can do. Good luck!
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    Vons reacted to bearded frog in Preliminary 2021 CaRMS data   
    CaRMS has posted their 2021 data forum presentation. Some highlights below:
    Highlights below:

    I don't know if this has been posted before but interesting to see that a) Australia has the highest match rate, followed by europe and b) the Australian numbers are way lower than I would have expected. Second, Caribbean is really low. IMG numbers overall are decreasing it seems as shown below:

    This chart is interesting:

    We can add ER to the short list of most compeditive specialties, there were 1.75 applicants for every spot. Also this is the first time if I recall where ENT was the most competitive. When they post the spreadsheets eventually I will do some year over year comparisons. IM was the most competitive its been since 2017.
    The proportion of applicants who are matching to their top ranks are going down over time:

    Just over half matched to their first choice program.
    Here is a set of really interesting graphs:

    A lot of people wonder about re-entering the 2nd round of the match as an option for transfer, and this is the first time I've seen data about how many actually do and success rates. It seems to regularly be around 40-50 with a bit of a jump this year. Other than 2018, it seems just over half are successful. By far the most popular destination is FM (because of availability? - FM consistently has the most 2nd round spots) It also seems that people are bailing on their specialty more than program, as although 14 people have switched FM programs through this method, none have switched within IM or surgery. 3 swapped non-surgical disciplines but we can't know if that's the same or different specialty. We can't know based on these results if people generally only go through the effort to switch disciplines or are those trying to switch programs within the same discipline less successful at matching.
    Another frequent discussion is what to do if you go unmatched. Do you try for whatever is open in 2nd round or do you not apply and try again for your first choice next year? [Edit: this gives absolute numbers who did not participate, but we will have to wait for the full carms data to find out what proportion of each first-round first-choice specialty applicants chose not to participate by discipline]

    Here is this data in chart form. Those not listed had no first choice applicants that went unmatched (they matched to their first choice or a back-up). Blue is absolute numbers of unmatched applicants with that first choice (FM is cut off, the total is 54) (don't have total applicants yet so can't do proportion which would be more appropriate). Orange is the number from that group that did not apply in second round, so for instance, all FM unmatched applied in 2nd round, and no IM unmatched applied in second round:
    It seems that the not applying in second round is very popular, in fact if you ignore FM, half of unmatched applicants do not apply in the 2nd round. And it seems that its especially common in the most compeditive specialties - ENT, Ortho, Urology, derm, plastics, optho - none had anyone apply in second round. I guess that people feel comfortable doing a 5th year and trying again if their gunning, these days. Based on the following chart it seems like that may be a good strategy:

    It seems that taking a 5th year does increase your matching chances relative to finishing and doing something else.
    And then, finally, the data everyone has been waiting for! Current year graduate match rate in first round by school:

    Wish CaRMS would do a first-choice discipline match rate! Congrats again to NOSM, apologies to Western and U de M.
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    Vons reacted to mtlwatch2029 in Effect of multiple failed CEGEP classes on admissions from a BSc?   
    So I ended up contacting them to make sure, and you're right! They said that prerequisite record isn't evaluated/relevant so long as you passed the course with a grade that is considered a pass at that respective institution, which in my case is 60% since its Cegep.
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    Vons got a reaction from KitKatCo in Effect of multiple failed CEGEP classes on admissions from a BSc?   
    I've spent a lot of time on the McGill med admissions website and I don't think I ever came across anything like that. If I were you I would email admissions to double check, but honestly I think you're just being paranoid! I got into McGill med based on a second bachelor's degree this year despite having failed a couple of classes at the beginning of my first bachelor's degree. If they didn't ding me for it, I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about.
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    Vons reacted to Cardiolove01 in 2021 mdcm waitlist updates   
    Ya I'm not sure why waitlist is so slow this year, maybe pandemic is making students want to stay in the province they already live in? Not wanting to risk moving to another region with so much uncertainty still? Really not sure  
    Thank you so much for the congratulations   this was 4 ish years in making, started applying when i was 26 at end of my Masters, faced 3 rejections,( ranked 140, then 103, then 79) but prerequisites dragged me down took a year off to not apply re-do prerequisites, and finally now 29 finally in 
    Routing for you!!!  I know its been stressful to be on waitlist, please reach out if you need support/vent/anything, happy to chat always,  hope we get to be colleagues in the fall  keep me posted when you get in!! 
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    Vons reacted to Cardiolove01 in 2021 mdcm waitlist updates   
    Hey guys, so I just checked my Minerva and I got my offer!!! I am waitlist spot #4 
    I have been checking the waitlist movement by refreshing McGill's webpage so I didn't think it moved, but they sent me an offer May 12 already on Minerva, but I just saw it on Minerva right now  
    Seems there is a lag between minerva updates and site update/email sent. So maybe check yours as well just in case ? 
    Feeling really blessesd!  
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    Vons reacted to ceelbe in Upcoming council meeting to address MDCM admission update   
    I’m not sure honestly, my friend and I were wondering if they’ll change anything about prereqs again?? But maybe this is just about the incoming class, I’m not sure. I’m really dying to know though because I’m applying for the first time this year and in middle of doing my prereqs. Could be nothing important but as soon as there’s news I’ll post here if someone else hasn’t  I’m probably going to attend the meeting just because I’m being impatient lol
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    Vons got a reaction from edu2021 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    I emailed admissions and they told me to use the 2020 form. Gonna submit it today so we'll see soon enough.
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    Vons reacted to Butterfly_ in Unfilled positions after R1 match 2021   
    I think being a non-trad student during CaRMs was an advantage. Our diverse life experiences enable us to standout from the crowd. We have interesting stories to tell. Our unique experiences and perspectives are valued by residencies. 
    My close friends, all non-trad students, none of us backed up, and we all fortunately matched to our #1 choices this year in various specialties including cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, and psychiatry.
    Please feel free to DM if you need any help!
    All the best!!
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    Vons reacted to MaudeB in Unfilled positions after R1 match 2021   
    I just saw this on the cma_docs instagram:
    That mention at the bottom that the total number of unmatched applicants grows each year is freaking me out! I am starting this fall as a non traditionnal student and this is making me think twice about med school. Honestly, working so hard for 4 years and not matching... I have kids to support, I am already stressing out about carms! 
    There is also more med school position now, which is great, and more opening up in the next years, so with the same residency spots and more applicants, this is going to be terrible in 3-4 years!! 
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    Vons reacted to GH0ST in Why is MD considered more prestigious than PhD?   
    Why did someone that's not from this forum and has no real history of contributing to premed101 come to this site to criticize the one individual that probably contributed to this site the most ... talk about getting triggered. 
    Honestly though with residency, fellowships, and the fact that a significant portion of doctors get additional graduate degrees (Masters, PhD, etc)... I'd argue that's more than just doing a PhD. 
    I have some additional thoughts on the practical implications as well as additional challenges with how narrow academia can become but I'll save that rhetoric for another day.
    - G
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    Vons got a reaction from Cardiolove01 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    Well for McGill you're all set, because you've met the PIQ requirement of 1 dose at any age (which is what you need to enter a clinical environment in Quebec). You could just have the nurse write in the most recent dose and call it good. You only need to have the pertussis booster after 18 years old in order to do clinical electives outside of Quebec IIRC. That said it's probably easiest to just get another dose done now to avoid delays in the future.
    I think questions about the immunizations have to go through the McGill Wellness Hub(?) according to this. But I don't know how willing they'll be to discuss your situation before you've submitted the paperwork.
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    Vons reacted to hopefullyRD in McGill Acceptance, Waitlist and Rejections for Fall 2021   
    Thanks!!  I am so pumped!!
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    Vons reacted to amt6500 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    Hello people,
    I talked to the admission office about the immunization form and I was told that the 2020 one would be fine as well and she gave me the green light to go and have it filled. I would assume they want everyone to complete as much as possible as soon as possible to have it verified by the staff.
    Hope this helps,
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    Vons got a reaction from Organic Chemistry in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    I asked them about it when I emailed about the BLS course and they just confirmed that there's a glitch and that they're working on it.
    Edit: The BCLS checklist item should be available now.
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    Vons got a reaction from Alysse212 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    I asked them about it when I emailed about the BLS course and they just confirmed that there's a glitch and that they're working on it.
    Edit: The BCLS checklist item should be available now.
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    Vons got a reaction from MedicA1 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    I asked them about it when I emailed about the BLS course and they just confirmed that there's a glitch and that they're working on it.
    Edit: The BCLS checklist item should be available now.
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    Vons got a reaction from MedicA1 in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    Hopefully before I see the doctor next week!
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    Vons reacted to KitKatCo in M.D.,C.M. - Basic Cardiac Life Support Mandatory Formation (2021)   
    I took the "BLS provider" certificate with Heart and Stroke last year. No issues from McGill  
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