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  1. Hey everyone, So my plan is to apply to OT for the upcoming cycle, but I am concerned about my chances of getting in due to my lack of ECs. I have been trying to find OTs to shadow, but have not found one yet most likely due to covid. It would be great if someone can give me a realistic response on my chances of being admitted, or if I should start looking for a backup. My sub GPA as of now is 3.8, so it is on the lower end. Volunteering: 25 hours shadowing a PT, a year as a general member on my faculty's student council, two years as a volunteer for a service on campus, and two yea
  2. Hello, I am just wondering if this looks bad in regards to applications. For reference, I am taking 2 mandatory ones (first year physics and second year anatomy) and 2 electives (both second year). I am aware that for other professional schools (med, law), some might want 60% of courses to be senior ones. Is this the case for physio too or does it not matter?
  3. I am currently a second year undergrad, looking to become a PT. I have a question in regards to pass/fail courses. I am aware that they would not count towards your GPA, but do physio schools look down on these types of courses? Will this affect my application?
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