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  1. Yeah third year sucks. I try talking to my family about these concerns but they have a poor understanding of both mental illness and medical training. I don't have too many friends because I took a year off from school and am now with a new cohort of students. That being said, I am quite social and open around my peers about these concerns but have learned to keep certain insecurities/rants to myself given how most other students conduct themselves. It genuinely seems like I'm the only riddled with so much insecurity at times. I think the absence of positive reinforcement in my life recently i
  2. Thanks. I guess I'm whining a bit but I did think I improved over the course of my time working with him. It just takes me a while to open up to new people and feel comfortable with what I'm doing. In fact, compared to my previous social anxiety in performance situations, I thought my calm and level voice was a leap forward. I'm just finding it hard not to get dejected and feel like my fate is written in stone.
  3. I have already taken a 1 year leave. This is how I'm feeling afterwards lol
  4. I'm basically on this forum looking for validation because tbh I haven't been able to get any on my clinical rotations. I am depressed. I am anxious. I wait for one rotation to be over so I can move on to the next. That being said I've made it this far so I do what is expected of me. At times, I actually really enjoy what I do. The reason I'm verbal vomiting today is I'm fresh off the heels of a feedback session with a CTU staff I worked with for the past two weeks. He told me I'm "standoffish" and "detatched" at times. I've been told I'm shy and to speak up more often but these adjectives are
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