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  1. At one of the FM info sessions, they said that 6 FM programs are now requiring it (I think NOSM too)
  2. Thanks! Safe to assume that it may also be used in post-interview ranking?
  3. Was wondering this too! The counsellor at our school who reviews our letters told me to try to adhere to it as much as possible.
  4. Sorry to hear this, it sounds like it was a stressful experience. I also just wrote it and didn’t feel like it went super great, also in a blah headspace this week and ran out of time on a few stations... I remember feeling more confident after my med school one (and I feel like I should have prepared more). I’m not sure how programs look at it and am curious about that as well. Some of the wording on the descriptions sounded like they use it more as a screening, but I’m not sure (hopefully someone else knows more).
  5. I was perusing the family med program descriptions on the carms website, and noticed that the Calgary stream is “under revision” as of December. What does this mean for applicants this year?
  6. So, many residents have gotten their vaccines here now. No word at all yet about medical students. Any medical students from other schools receive word about when you might be getting them?
  7. I did... I used it as a cover sheet for my CV/cases seen with my preceptor, just briefly thanking them and briefly explaining why I was choosing to apply to that specialty, along with my photo (more for preceptors I had asked for a letter from during third year, as it’s been a while for some). It felt a bit more personable than just sending my CV/cases. But I don’t think there’s one right answer!
  8. Thank you both - that makes me feel a lot better! Butterfly, I hope yours start coming in soon too!
  9. Happy New Year A question about reference letters - I've sent out several reference letter requests through CaRMS over the past 2 months after speaking with preceptors about it. However, none seem to have submitted them yet (all of them are still showing the orange "waiting for document to be submitted by referee" circle). Is this normal/do most preceptors tend to submit closer to the deadline? Apologies if this sounds silly - feeling a bit overwhelmed staying on top of everything for CaRMS at the moment.
  10. Really glad to hear that, Snowmen! Residents here have started getting them now too. No word yet for us students but really hoping it’s soon
  11. I’m sorry to hear this and I hope you hear soon about yours! I’ve started hearing about some residents and a select few number of clerks at other schools getting theirs so far.
  12. That’s really good to know - thank you!
  13. Maybe we are! Yes, they’ve also been recruiting med students to help administer vaccines. One of the emerge docs had said a few weeks ago that it might be tricky with med students because they’re not employees of the hospital, so may not be eligible at the same time as other employees.
  14. No news yet on ours. We have however been informed by our faculty that students will now be involved in the care of COVID+ patients. Hoping it’s soon!
  15. I’m not concerned about safety issues (the ones raised on social media have all been debunked). I am so excited to be able to hopefully get vaccinated soon. The number of patients I’ve seen over the past couple of months who are “long haulers” or having serious long-term health issues following covid is so sad and scary. I truly hope enough people will be vaccinated that our case numbers go low and stay low.
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