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  1. I think you're going to get a more biased opinion on here - I think there are some great NDs out there. But it's also been my experience that some of the treatments and recommendations have potential to be unnecessarily harmful (ex. putting patients on extremely restrictive diets to "treat" infertility and other things, herbal treatments for various things that end up causing horrible side effects that the pt wasn't aware of, pt stops taking some of their important meds because ND advised them to stop against evidence, etc). It's generally not evidence-based practice. If you're curious abou
  2. No problem!! I'm guessing it was because my laptop was so old, as my friends didn't have the same issue. So hopefully yours would be just fine!
  3. I did mine remotely proctored! No complaints - the process was very smooth, and I really appreciated being able to write at home and not have to travel/take the test in a different environment. I was initially a bit apprehensive about not being able to have a paper to jot down ideas while answering questions, but I didn't miss having one while actually writing. The only small thing was that I think it took a lot of my computer power to have the video on all day/the exam and proctoring running constantly. I had my laptop plugged into the charger for the whole thing, as they recommended. Bu
  4. I applied to both a competitive specialty and FM, and would have been happy in either (I was undecided between them for most of medical school). I got interviews in the competitive specialty, and ultimately decided to rank family med as my first choice - this was for a variety of reasons, and included family and location considerations. I’m happy with the way I ended up ranking, and grateful to have matched to my first choice. And I had other classmates who were in similar situations and made similar choices, too, so there is a wide variety of reasons that people may apply to a competitive spe
  5. I hear you! Especially since the programs put such emphasis (for good reason, obviously) on ensuring your CPSO application is complete. I think/hope that as long as our status is showing as “certificate granted”, that we should be good. It would have been helpful for sure if we’d had access to an outline of the process/what to expect.
  6. I was wondering this, too. Our hospital sent out a communication saying that the licenses are issued on June 30, so it seems like it may not be till then?
  7. Not dumb at all... I actually didn't scroll enough to realize there was even a "save" button. So, thank you! It's staying on there now
  8. Thank you, that’s really helpful weird, maybe it’s just a glitch with my account, then. Yes, it was fine up until I did my payment and it changed to “certificate granted”. Now every time I log in, it disappears from my profile.
  9. You could always live at home at first and see how it goes! I’m a graduating 4th year, and I would say probably half of my classmates who lived with their parents moved out at some point during med school… some due to the commute being too much, some due to wanting to live with classmates or closer to the hospitals. Others lived with their parents for all of med school and just made the commute work (ex. if they lived in the west end, they tried to do their clerkship rotations at the Civic). So lots of options!
  10. Hey! So I just got my email to pay my fee yesterday afternoon, and after I did the payment, the status changed to “certificate granted”. But I haven’t gotten any more emails from them with my CPSO number - have you? Also notice that when I log into my profile now, my MINC number keeps getting deleted… not sure if that’s a glitch?
  11. Noooooo… seriously?! Ugh!!!
  12. Thank you guys very much - this is helpful! Yes, she’s open to matching to any specialty, so I’ll suggest that to her too re: the pathology spots.
  13. Sorry; I should have clarified! She’s already submitted the applications and hasn’t heard back yet. But she’s wondering if she should be emailing the the PDs directly in the meantime to express interest, but isn’t sure if this could potentially help or hurt her more (or if there’s anything else she can do right now to increase chances).
  14. Hey friends I’m posting on behalf of a friend who doesn’t have an account, and who is applying to the leftover spots currently. When submitting applications, is it advisable for her to email the PDs to express interest in the program? She’s not sure if this will help or hurt her. There are a few spots left that she is very interested in, and she’d very much like to match this year as opposed to doing a fifth year and applying next year. Any other tips for the post-match process would be really helpful!
  15. When you log on to CPSO, click on the “Learning Portal” box. The new member orientation should be there. If it’s not, call them and let them know! Myself end several friends had an issue with it not showing up there, but calling fixed the issue within 24 hours (they were able to put in a service ticket for the IT team). Once you complete it, it will give you a certificate that you can then upload to your requirements page
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