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  1. This is so interesting! And it’s expanding so rapidly, too - a few years ago, just a few select med school admissions were using CASPer. Now it’s more med schools, residency programs, allied health like midwifery and physio...
  2. I’m in somewhat of a similar situation with IM - also applied to family med and a competitive specialty. I had a late interest in IM and considered applying, but getting the letters would have been a big challenge at that point and I felt it might be too much to apply to 3 specialties for me. I also felt like I didn’t know well enough if I enjoyed the sub specialties because I had only done CTU and ICU. I still feel like I’ll be really happy with FM or the other specialty, but do wonder from time to time if I should have applied to IM. My plan is to check out hospitalist if I match to FM, and
  3. It sounds like they maybe sent the same email to everyone? I would try not to worry!
  4. My advice is that you know more than you think you do, and you’re a valued and helpful member of the team. If you have a concern about a patient, advocate for them, because sometimes by virtue of spending the most time with them, med students pick up on things other members of the team may not have. Be confident and don’t be afraid of making mistakes or doing things wrong - it’s inevitable and part of learning. And enjoy the ride, while also caring for yourself and trying the best to keep up with self care!
  5. Anecdotally, I’ve heard this also one of my preceptors on elective was saying that many of her colleagues had/have fertility issues requiring REI. She wondered if it was the stress, too. Makes me a little bit nervous about the decision to delay!
  6. Ugh, I’m sorry about that. My top choice also didn’t feel like it went the greatest. I’m crossing my fingers tight that that’s not the case for us, though! I’ve been finding Netflix and family so helpful, too. But also still cringing from time to time, haha. Maybe we did better than it felt
  7. Sorry you’re in the same boat! I hope so, too yes - I hope you have a chance to celebrate also! We aren’t far away now from finding out!
  8. Anyone else still cringing about an interview? My last one was for one of my top choices - it was two panels, and the first one with the PD felt great, but I found the questions in the second more difficult, and I rambled and didn’t answer the questions well. I know I can’t do anything about it now, but I’m feeling ++disappointed about it
  9. Thank you so much for posting/sharing all this!! I hope we are on the right track in doing this, and that we don’t see any negative effects from waiting so long for the second dose. I came across this today, too, which furthers your last point about the single dose being much less effective for our older population, which I think is concerning: https://financialpost.com/diane-francis/diane-francis-health-canada-must-stop-endangering-lives-by-delaying-second-doses-of-covid-vaccines
  10. I’ve gotten one that was not personalized/mailing list, and one that was (it still felt pretty generic and like they had probably sent the same to everyone - still nice, though!). I don’t think it means anything in particular; just a guess, but I would imagine they either send them to everyone or to no one
  11. I'm having some mixed emotions!! There were interviews I felt couldn't have gone better, and others I'm still cringing about haha. Working on my rank list now and already feeling lots of nerves for match day. Hoping I get my top choice so I can be back home. Good luck!!!
  12. I was curious about whether it would change the length of training at all, but at the carms info sessions I attended where it was brought up, the PDs said that it won’t. They said if you were to finish all your objectives before the end of the 5 years, you’d just tailor the remaining time to whatever you wanted it to be, but you wouldn’t finish early. They also made it sound like there was some flexibility around elective timing if you wanted to apply for a fellowship
  13. Some provinces are now delaying the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by up to 16 weeks, as per the federal recommendation that it was okay to do so based on their data. I've been reading some interesting discussion about this, and wondering what everyone's thoughts are. I agree it makes sense to vaccinate as many people as we can as quickly as possible. However, this seems like an experiment given no other country (or trial) has delayed the second dose by this long - what will this mean for length of immunity and both short- and long-term efficacy? I know they've quoted data suggest
  14. Seeing as I only have 3 weeks left of med school (!), I thought I’d go ahead and answer this. I don’t feel that med school has made me salty or cynical at all. In fact, I think it’s made me abundantly more grateful for my health and my family, and progressively more grateful for being in medicine and having the privilege of doing what we do. I’ve honestly found med school to be a fun and exciting journey, meeting so many wonderful people and patients. I’m feeling sad now that it’s coming to an end. I do feel that it’s opened my eyes so much more to the suffering that people go through and
  15. Any time! It sure has been a unique year - I didn’t realize how common it is to not get any, or just very few, interviews for some specialties. To go off of what @bearded frog said, I have next to no knowledge about transfers, but a PGY1 in plastics here mentioned there being surprisingly a few transfers into her program. I have no idea of the details of that as I didn’t ask - so I don’t know what year they were in, what they transferred from, etc. But maybe it would be worth chatting with some plastics residents just to see what all the options are.
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