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  1. Yeah I'm wondering too.. Their number is closed cause of COVID and e-mail wise the answers are a bit lacking but I guess i'll try again!
  2. Coming into this new fall/winter year i will only have one 30* year (my second year from undergrad). By April 2021, I will have my second 30* year completed. So I'm not sure if they will remove my second yr from undergrad (30*) at the time I apply. At the time I apply I will be halfway done my second 30* year, if that makes sense. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I'm curious as to the deletion of the worst year work? Will they remove the worst *30 (full courseload) year if the GPA for my upcoming fall semester is good? Or is the worst year removed when the final GPA is calculated. My worst year was second year undergrad - removal of that improves my GPA substantially.
  4. Got a question which isn't being explicitly answered by the UofA admissions office - I just want to ensure the wording is correct, as its a critical point for me. Quoting directly from the admissions website I bolded the section I want to clarify. Essentially this states that they will count the most recent fall/winter as long as its not the lowest GPA among all full time years? I finished my bachelors and am planning to take a 5th year starting September, with a full course load - to boost my GPA. I will also apply to UofA dent in November. Will my GPA for this upcoming year
  5. OMSAS GPA of 3.83 with worst year dropped. DAT completed with AA 24 and PAT: 22 Do I have a chance for UofT?
  6. A bit of a unique situation but I was wondering if anyone enrolled in a thesis based MSc program, dropped out of the program and applied to dentistry? I'm thinking of leaving my MSc program for personal reasons but all the grades I have received during my studies have been A/A+ so far, and I get to keep the grades. I called some dental schools and asked if dropping out of an MSc is looked upon unfavorably and they said no, but I'm wondering if anyone has specific experience with this. My plan at this point is to explore dropping out, and if i go through with it I want to complete some physics
  7. I've asked but some of them straight up say they can't do an unofficial evaluation of documents which essentially implies its your problem haha
  8. I have to complete 1 chemistry and 2 physics courses to open some doors applications wise. Would taking courses online be an appropriate way to approach this? Specifically I'm wondering if UofA accepts online physics courses (do they care about lab?) any help appreciated
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