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  1. Congrats on both of your acceptances!! Depends what you’re looking for! I know someone from Alberta who got accepted into both U of S and U of A, and chose U of S. On the other hand, I’m from Sask, got accepted to both schools as well and ultimately chose U of A. Someone already commented on some perks of U of A which, along with some of my own personal reasons, definitely contributed to my decision for U of A. But U of S offers smaller class sizes (90 vs 130, which may offer a more personal experience with profs and classmates) and Saskatoon is known as a university city (lots of university s
  2. I think I’ll be staying home and then moving for the winter. Curious to know what others will be doing though!
  3. Thank you:) I’m not sure how my GPA converts to the U of A 4.0 scale but my overall was ~90% and pre-req GPA was ~87%. I completed a full degree prior to applying. I have also been working in a community pharmacy for about a year now!
  4. Hi guys, I am an out of province applicant and got my acceptance letter today, around 1:30pm:) Congratulations to everyone else who got accepted this application round (I look forward to meeting u guys ) and as someone said the other day to anyone else still waiting, hang tight I wasn’t feeling very optimistic as my interview went terribly- I think I only really spoke semi-cohesively throughout one question and the other three were just a blur, not sure what came over me that day but I was all nerves. Hope this gives someone else some reassurance if they thought their interview didn’t go supe
  5. I’m from outside of Saskatoon too and was thinking about this as well!! I think we’ll just have to gather more info from the college on whether there’s still any chance of in person labs or seminars (maybe they’ll be held in smaller groups of people at a time or something) ! It would be nice not having to worry about accommodations that first semester though
  6. Hey! Just discovered this thread. My friend who got accepted found out around June 25 or 26 I think they said. It was quite late in the month. hopefully we hear from the college before then though:)
  7. Hey guys, did anyone receive an interview invite? My application and all documents are submitted and I haven’t received an email yet. maybe Im just getting ahead of myself lol
  8. Do you have any suggestions on extracurriculars? I have my extra curriculars written but don’t feel confident in them. Was also wondering if you’d say hobbies and activities that aren’t necessarily team/community-based were acceptable!
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