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  1. I just wanted to share my strategy for the LMCC since I ended up doing really well with what I consider to be very minimal effort. First of all, doing well on the LMCC is about playing the game. The exam is not made to pick out the experts from those who aren't. Rather, it's about figuring out who is minimally competent. It's scored out of 900, with an average around 500 (the average reported with my score was actually 496) and a standard deviation of 100. A pass is usually 390. If you do the math the pass rate should be about 85% (lowest 25% fail), but if you look at the stats you will kn
  2. Do you know if the stipend affects your OSAP?
  3. Just to clarify- your FMLE can be anywhere in the GTA, regardless of where you live. However, if you don't live downtown you can probably request to be placed further out in the community.
  4. In general, Tuesday mornings are at your DOCH agency and Thursday mornings are ASCM. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are USUALLY going to be PBL at your academy (but in the first semester it's sometimes Monday and Wednesay). For most of the year, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are MMMD days at MSB. There are sometimes seminars but the only mandatory ones are ethics, which happen about 7 times throughout the year. There are often seminars throughout the week but they are not mandatory unless they are ethics. In general the first month of school was really heavy in terms of hours (like 9-4 every d
  5. I definitely have VLC on my iPhone... maybe they removed it from the app store. I have used it to play lectures before.
  6. There are also some apps that play FLV files (like VLC media player) which would allow you to play the files without converting them. It still takes time to download them but you can always set them up to download while you're doing something else and then put them on your device later. It's not super easy but it's definitely doable.
  7. Useful, but not necessary in preclerkship. More necessary in clerkship but still not a requirement. If you have an iPod touch it will be sufficient for most of your needs (hospitals should all have wifi and so does most of campus). iPhones are generally seen as more useful than Blackberrys because they have better user interfaces for web browsing and more apps that are easier to use. Most of what you need is to be able to access medication apps, UpToDate (website) and email. Blackberrys are good for email but much less good for anything app and browser related. There is a med studen
  8. You're correct. There's no white coat ceremony and there IS a stethoscope ceremony (which started for the first time last year. Family members were able to attend).
  9. I just want to congratulate all the incoming and potentially incoming med students! The reason I decided to write this is that I was reading all your excited posts and it made me a little jealous (just a little). I'm about to finish my second year and I'm loving med school, but there's nothing like the excitement of getting in and starting the journey. Once the work starts piling up it's easy to forget that this is your dream and that you accomplished something so amazing. Med school is an amazing journey but once you're in it you become so busy and start looking forward to finishing
  10. Med students usually get off 2 weeks, from right before Christmas to right after New Years. The start date will depend on when your Structure and Function exam will be (as far as I know it's not worked out yet).
  11. From my understanding, it's impossible to do an "elective" at U of T without going through the electives office, but anyone can do an observership as long as they get clearance from the hospital and the department. Considering that you're a preclerk, I assume it will be an observership, in which case you don't need to worry. I'm pretty sure there's no way to do an official elective without going through the official system.
  12. Thanks for putting this together! It's funny to go back and read my posts from so long ago. I wouldn't change any of my advice but I like to think I would say it better now . Good luck everyone!
  13. There are many things to do in a year off. You can do more research, volunteering, and other stuff that will make you stand out. Many people have done it successfully.
  14. You will rank your academy TWICE during your MD training. The first time will only be for your first 2 years. You will be at that academy for DOCH (community health course), ASCM (clinical skills), PBL and for some seminars. This could mean anywhere from 1 to 3 days per week. You will also rank before clerkship. Your clerkship academy will be where you are for the majority of 3rd year (4th year is all electives and selectives so technically you can be anywhere). The really important thing to remember is that there are 3 academies and each of them has locations in the downtown cor
  15. They're called Tablet PCs. HP and other PC companies make them. I think one person in my class has one. At U of T you will not need to take notes on computer and I don't see a tablet as being very useful. In any event, I type faster than I can write so I don't see how a tablet would help. I think U of O has all their students use tablet PCs, but their curriculum is designed for it. You definitely don't need one for U of T. All your notes will be printed and given to you on a weekly basis, so the easiest thing to do is to write on the notes themselves. If you want to type notes, that is
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