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  1. Hey while I agree with the other users that you are probably overthinking it, I personally felt like teeth whitening gave me a lot more confidence when meeting new people. I've been told that my teeth are yellow when I was in middle school, and that followed me every time I met someone. I didn't do professional cleaning but I used the whitening strips on the market. Obviously results vary person to person, but I had really good results with it and a lot of people asked if I got my teeth whitened before (including my dentist!). So while I agree that it's not necessary, the whitening strips
  2. Anyone have an idea as to how many people are in each of the categories of HWL MWL and LWL?
  3. I also emailed about the ranking but didnt get any response from them. When did you get your response and when did you contact them? Thanks in advance!
  4. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 3.97 DAT: 20AA 20RC 22PAT ABS: Volunteer, research, clubs Interview: mixed feelings. Thought I couldve said other things after I was done and definitely wasnt representative of me I didnt get the HWL message for the waitlist, so I'm almost treating it like a rejection. Disappointed but congrats to those who got in!
  5. Think we need the accepted/rejected/waitlisted forum soon!
  6. Hey I totally got my emails mixed up. It was an email on the 4th that contained the link for our interview. Sorry for the confusion :/ I'm thinking that the offers will be out Friday or Monday, and latest Tuesday? Shouldnt they give at least a week for the exam writing applicants to study for the exam?
  7. I personally dont have to write the physiology challenge exam and I didnt get an email on the 5th! I just got the survey email and the interview submission email which was on April 5th
  8. Wow that is still a short amount of time from the offers being released to writing the exam. Im guessing the exam is online but I cant imagine how stressful it is for people who do have to write it
  9. Ive been refreshing the student portal every midnight lool I know that the physiology challenge exam was scheduled for mid-May, but did anyone confirm that? Admissions hasnt been returning my e-mails
  10. I was refreshing it yesterday as well. It could be any day now so it's not helping with the anxiety
  11. Has anyone gotten a response from admissions about the offer release date? I know someone before e-mailed and they said something about beginning of May, but I never got a response from them.
  12. I feel you. I've been questioning my interview and my stats, because there are so many more impressive people out there. But let's try to stay positive!! Getting an interview itself is commendable and really shows that you are capable of being a dentist
  13. Thanks for replying and it's good to know that I'm not the only one dying of anxiety I hope for the best of everyone and stay positive!!!
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