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  1. Hey guys, I’d just like some clarification. Is it a requirement Western Med and Ottawa med to have 1 pass/fail course per year? Like for example, if I don’t have a pass or fail course every year will I not be considered? I haven’t converted any of my courses into pass/fail courses.
  2. Hey guys! I’m going to be applying for med school during the 2020-2021 cycle. I heard that employment was a category that needs to be filled out. I haven’t had may jobs (only 3 short term employment), I was wondering if this will going to diminish my chances of getting in. My gpa and mcat scores are great. My volunteering record is also great. The only thing I’m lacking in is employment.
  3. What are some books/online modules to help prepare to write the mcat? Are mcat prep courses worth it? If so where can I register? Is Khan Academy’s prep decent?
  4. York is reputable right?
  5. Hey everyone, So I’m actually a 3rd year cognitive science student at York University and I have my mind set on going to UofT Med or any med school at the point. I’ll actually be graduating with a BA next year. I’ve heard too many rumours (possibly truths?) that almost all med schools in Ontario rarely accept BA graduates let alone from York U. Id really like to know if this is true or not before I take the mcat this summer. Also my GPA is a 3.8
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