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  1. I agree. I think this is why they incorporated Casper originally. I think the cutoff GPA will be slightly lowered compared to past year's and schools will give more priority to experience and/or references.
  2. Applied All PT: Western, Mac, Toronto, Ottawa, QueensAccepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: 3.39 cGPA, 3.75 sGPAPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Strength: -I think Casper went much better than last year. References and experience are very average. weakness: Low sGPA, ORPAS calculated it differently than what I expected.
  3. Yes, the program is for french-speaking students. But some of the application stuff like the Casper can be done in english! I would just prefer not to write out a whole new resumé if they accept them in english.
  4. Is anyone able to find the Ottawa application details on ORPAS? I found the french version and I have no issue understanding it, but it doesn't say whether your resume needs to be in english or in French for PT and OT. This is the only link I found: https://www.ouac.on.ca/fr/guide/orpas-ottawa/#physio
  5. Anyone know what a conditional offer may look like for someone that took a pre-requisite course during this Jan-April 2020 term? I heard there is a minimum grade that you need to get to be admitted to Queens PT? Like if I was missing anatomy, but I am taking it now, will I need say an 80? or a 75 to get in? Thanks in advance!
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