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  1. Hey guys, I currently attend Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada) and was wondering if anyone on here has been (or knows anyone) accepted to med school in Canada? Most of the success stories I hear are from UBC students and although I was accepted to UBC this year, they're making it a real hassle for me to transfer (asking me to redo a bunch of courses and not accepting the courses I completed at SFU). Just need some clarification whether I should or should not transfer. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well! I'm currently in a dilemma and thought to ask premed 101 for advice. I'm currently an SFU student entering second year. My question is, whether staying at SFU will put me at a disadvantage when applying to Canadian med schools. I have heard many people say this is not true, and also many people saying it is and that I should transfer out of SFU as soon as possible due to the different style of grading in classes (when compared to UBC classes for example). I applied to UBC and got accepted, however, many of my credits did not transfer over to specific
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