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  1. Hello everyone, hope you all had a relaxing holiday. Did anyone receive an email from the admissions for not meeting either the courseload or Gpa cutoff prior to receiving the interview rejection email? I had to apply under courseload exception and just wondering if it was successful or if the reason for rejection was not meeting the full courseload
  2. Any guesses as to why there would be a *significant* increase in the number of apps this year? Is it due to a lower mcat cut-off?
  3. Mine actually expired - contacted the admissions. They said as long as I have a record of submitting it before the deadline, there is nothing to be done from my end. just told me to upload my unofficial transcript on section 2
  4. I called the admissions and they said the mcat is still being assessed competitively
  5. Hello. I know Dal calculates your last 2 year GPA but am confused as to whether I would be eligible as a OOP. Y1-3.4 Y2 -3.2 Y3 - 3.68 (<- would this round to 3.7 to meet their minimum? or would I be disqualified) Y4 - 3.86 Does any OOP student have experience similar to mine? Thanks for the help
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