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  1. Why did the incoming Med2's have to do us dirty like this
  2. Your GPA and ECs are really good, it's going to come down to CASPer for you.
  3. At McGill, le nombre d'admis pour les etudiants universitaires a augmenteé 100%, mais je ne sais pas pour Med-P. I agree that Cegep students may have an advantage in terms of available seats, however, I believe that this is just. From my personal experience, those who enter Med from Cegep are more likely to stay and practice in Quebec. Considering that medicine is subsidized in Quebec, the government really wants these future doctors to stay in Quebec
  4. Hello everyone, I have a few question about the vaccines. Has anyone been able to meet with a health care professional (ex. family doctor) in order to start their vaccines? Also, are there any centres which are currently open and offering vaccines? Thanks so much
  5. Bad waitlisted at 7:51 am, not surprised at all given how terrible my interview experience was at uOttawa. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. I agree with this. I would just like to say that every person that was "invited" for an interview has potential to be a great doctor and I wish everyone the best of luck. However, It seems like most people are solely viewing this lottery as something that would disadvantage them. Im guessing that many individuals that are trashing Mac for doing this will actually be admitted. It is possible that some would have bombed the interview (in a bad way) had the MMIs took place, but will now be offered a spot at Mac due to the lottery. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how we get in. If you rec
  7. According to McGill's website, next potential offer to MTL campus is to #8?? How did the waitlist move so fast? Can others who were ranked 1-7 on the waitlist confirm that this is not a mistake hahah.
  8. Does anyone know how much in province waitlist typically moves? I understand that there are less seats this year as well which might affect movement.
  9. Does anyone know if ottawa takes into account the variability between panels when providing applicants with an interview score? For example, I'm having trouble understanding how applicants are compared when certain panels seem friendlier or colder than others.
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