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  1. @Unknown54654 Thank you so much! Yes I was outside without my phone and didn't find out until I checked my email that they had called me 2-3 times. So I guess moral of the story is to keep your phone on you at all times haha. Best of luck! <3
  2. Got the call yesterday at 5 pm! Was crying so hard because I really had given up hope knowing that I screwed up during the interview haha. So for those that are still on the waitlist, don't give up hope! It looks like the waitlist is still moving. p.s. I was on mwl
  3. Hello, Can anyone kindly offer some tips on how we can prepare for the Schulich interview? I've never interviewed with a three people panel before and I'm always such a nervous wreck in general. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thank you so much for the advice! You're absolutely right about the importance of being well-rounded. Since I can't do much about my GPA, I'll definitely put more effort into improving my ECs! Would you also be able to provide some suggestions on what materials I can use for the DAT? I started off using DATBootcamp but switched to using DATCrusher earlier this month since Bootcamp seems to have a LOT more material thats not necessarily covered by the cDAT (based on what others were saying). Do you think using DATCrusher by itself is enough to do well or should I use other supplementary materia
  5. Hi everyone, I’m planning to apply to dentistry at UWO in the upcoming cycle. However, I’m completely unsure of my chances and would appreciate any advice on how to improve my application. My concerns: I am mostly worried about my average/below average GPA (based on UWO admission stats) especially since I am a undergrad and not planning to complete a masters. I also do not have many long term commitments, nor research publications or anything super impressive in my ECs I would like some advice on next steps. Should I: 1. Focus on prepping for the DAT ONLY and leave ECs as it is
  6. @PororoY @uoftearsdropout Hope you don't mind me asking, are you guys Masters students? No lie I've been feeling pretty discouraged with my chances next year seeing some crazy GPAs. Im in my third year and have a 88%
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