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  1. I agree so much with this! I was nowhere near to some of the other candidates in terms of my ABS, and that’s I think that is why I ended up on the waitlist. Again, it does not matter too much to me because I want to pursue something else. But I think it’s so important to consider the emphasis on having well-rounded individuals rather than someone with perfect stats.
  2. I think they only sent that email to people who need to write the exam?
  3. I'm not too sure! I never received any info about it because I already took physiology. I think someone may have emailed and that's what they responded but I have no clue other than that, I'm sorry
  4. I feel like they have to release it by the end of this week......can't tell if not knowing is better than being disappointed, but either way this isn't fun
  5. I feel like it will be a red cross, but then you'll have to wait for the letter for it to say whether you are rejected or waitlisted!
  6. Perfect, I'm sure I'll be doing the same...thank you!
  7. I'm pretty sure they're reviewing all of that stuff for next cycle so I wouldn't worry! All of this is completely out of your control, but I know Western is reviewing that for next cycle (or at least that's what it says on the website)
  8. Weird question, but was it the "status" section on the student centre that changed? E.g. was it a checkmark/red cross that was added to the status and replaced the "applied" part. Sorry, I'm just trying to mentally prepare myself for being rejected & seeing a big red cross (I know not the most optimistic, but I'm having a hard time believing that I was accepted with all of this overthinking I've done in the past week)
  9. Maybe not a big deal for you.... but it's not ok to be telling people to simply "relax" when there is a significant amount of anxiety that I'm sure many people are feeling. I'd also encourage you to think about the fact that you most likely had a very different interview experience. Imagine working hard for all of your undergraduate (or even grad school) to have an experience like this.....with a virtual interview that was pretty limited in terms of being able to express the type of person you are & then having so much uncertainty regarding the timing of offers. Of course, they did (and a
  10. I get it honestly, but there's no point. I hope you get more clarity on the program though - the websites can be kinda vague at times
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