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  1. yeah i agree I think our time stamp compared to last year are a lot more spaced out. Their e mails were like seconds apart with bigger gpa increments and our gpa trend tends to be more minutes apart
  2. Does anyone have any idea how many people are on the good waitlist? in general from previous years
  3. yeah from previous years it does seem like it's the first two time stamps but i think their timestamps were much closer (bunched than ours). I find ours to be more spread out 37, 39, 41 etc. from last year it seemed that when they got to the 3.95 category of the first bin they were still at the first time stamp where as ours falls more into the 39 category (second time stamp). It's just an observation/ thought though haha.
  4. yeah that's what I was thinking too as the GPA follows through and comes back to the 4.00 section. That's what it seemed to look like from the 2019 waitlist thread. but the waitlist times seemed to be seconds apart rather than minutes apart.
  5. Thank you for making the sheet! Does anyone know from previous years how many bins they get through a day? From last years waitlist it looks like they made it through to 3.95 on the first day of waitlist calls going out (May 29). assuming this trend is correct!
  6. when we're talking about "bins" do we know how many candidates are usually in each "bin" and how many "bins" there are? LOL
  7. does anyone know how many candidates are placed on the good waitlist?
  8. Stream (EN/FR): EnglishTime You Received E-mail: 7:39 AM (good waitlist)"Created" Time: 7:39 AMwGPA: 3.96
  9. Does anyone know what time the offers of admission/ status of application e mails are sent out on May 12th?
  10. Does anyone know whether uOttawa's list of excellence contains both the waitlist and the list of acceptances or just the list of acceptances?
  11. Does the uOttawa MD/PhD waitlist generally move much? If so, when do applicants generally hear?
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