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    Researchbunny100 reacted to newmy88 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    I think we WILL see a lot of movement, but I’m not sure if it’ll be next week. Everyone with offers still have 1 1/2 weeks to accept. We might see a trickle of movement until then, but I doubt they would massively send out offers unless most people have firmly confirmed/declined at this point (which is unlikely). I think if we don’t see a lot of movement next week we shouldn’t be worried!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to MedicineLCS in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    There's probably something to that theory, but the issue is that in between the first (Seconds given) timestamp and last good waitlist one (that I saw quickly eyeballing it) is 589 seconds. If they sent one waitlist email a second they would have good waitlisted more people than they interviewed. 
    Add in the way the GPA scale restarts at around 7:41:30, 7:45, and 7:46 + an offer to the top already, and it looks like the same pattern as past years, but with significantly more data in the thread making it easier to visualize and a broader time range. 
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to newmy88 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Hi everyone!
    Here is the updated spreadsheet! Also thanks to @klj.klnmk,mn for your version too, I think it's nice to have it sorted into bins! I got neurotic and updated this with stats from last year... although I didn't go looking too deep so I apologize for the lack of info! But it looks like we have way more data this year already!
    I'll update the spreadsheet as we get more information/if there are significant changes. If you're a lurker please feel free to update your info to give us all a better idea of how this waitlist is working  also if I messed anything up, please let me know I'll fix it. Also congrats to @DrOtter!!! I hope we all get to experience what you did today!!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to SmallOni in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Has anyone else heard back yet from the waitlist?? I’m wondering if this is a wave or jsut a couple of spots being offered. 
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to newmy88 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    *Cue the neurotic refreshing of the forum and email for the next couple months*
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to PequalsMD in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Really happy for everyone that gets an email rn!! It seems too soon for me to go through this again tho, it’s not even been 2 weeeks
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to Crunch in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    @klj.klnmk,mn you have rzlr twice!  any other 7:37s/7:38s reading this who haven't added their data yet?
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to PequalsMD in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    That does give some hope but I wonder if us having emails 1-2 seconds apart isn't actually indicative of Ottawa's email frequency. I think it's possible with COVID, it could be that internet speeds/reliability were affected too. Maybe the server couldn't handle the number of emails being sent out and what we're seeing is some sort of latency period or the program that was extracting candidate emails/info was lagging. To me it seems like the second bin starts around late 7:41 where people had 4.0 or very high 3.9s got their email.
    Whatever the case hopefully it works out for us! Guess we'll only find out at the end of the month and the panic will resurface...
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to newmy88 in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    I’ll update the excel sheet tomorrow morning and post again ❤️
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    Researchbunny100 got a reaction from pinkneuron in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    yeah from previous years it does seem like it's the first two time stamps but i think their timestamps were much closer (bunched than ours). I find ours to be more spread out 37, 39, 41 etc. from last year it seemed that when they got to the 3.95 category of the first bin they were still at the first time stamp where as ours falls more into the 39 category (second time stamp). It's just an observation/ thought though haha.
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to hiheyhi in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to ApplyingMD in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    I'm not entirely sure if there is a correlation here - I think perhaps there is and we have a mix of people reporting their "created" vs. "received" times. By this logic, however, would the start of the second bin not be at 7:41am when the GPA jumps to 4.00 again? And then from there it would fall gradually until another 4.00, etc.?
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to kitandkat in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Hey guys - just wanted to let you know I removed myself from the waitlist as I got into UBC! Good luck everyone!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to hiheyhi in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to MD_endgame in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    I was waitlisted last year and now again this year. I know how being in this position can take a toll on your mental health. If anyone wants to talk about anything while we wait please PM  You are so much more than a med school acceptance!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to DrOtter in OTTAWA INTERVIEW 2020 DISCUSSION   
    It's so close now guys. If anyone is lucky enough to see an offer on OMSAS at midnight, let's post it here so we'll know. 
    Good luck you guys!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to theinbetween in OTTAWA INTERVIEW 2020 DISCUSSION   
    I hope so but idk. I answered one thing wrong and I know everyone says there is no right/wrong answer but trust me this was a question with a right answer and I legit answered it wrong lol like so far off from anything related. It has been haunting me every time I shower I get flashbacks lol
    Its like asking what color is the grass and you answer "television", kind of wrong. Wtf
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to MedD in OTTAWA INTERVIEW 2020 DISCUSSION   
    I believe in past years it's been around 7am EST! Last year though, people could see offers (but not rejects/waitlists) at midnight on OMSAS but we're not sure if that was a glitch or a new thing!
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to short_stack in Will McMaster release selection criteria before May 12?   
    Yup, this is the part I meant. It seems to imply the whole plan is already in place and figured out...
    fingers crossed it goes something like this

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    Researchbunny100 reacted to Donald_Duck in MD/PhD 2020   
    All I know is that MD/PHD typically hear back much sooner than the May release date for general acceptance. Given that is is already late April you would have likely heard back by now. 
    Mr Duck
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to SoftTings in Will McMaster release selection criteria before May 12?   
    Where was this? I didn't notice this and now I'm worried that I accidentally had my webcam on and it was me lol
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to DrOtter in OTTAWA INTERVIEW 2020 DISCUSSION   
    I think when they say "list of excellence" it just means the ranking list of candidates, from which they send out offers to the top 168 (or something). And the rest will be waitlisted. The only exception to that is if you had a really poor interview in which case you won't be ranked on this list at all (but I think these cases would be rarer...?)
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    Researchbunny100 reacted to poorpremed in Biochemistry Prereq Requirement - HTHSCI 2E03   
    I would email the administration about this question because they would be able to give you the most accurate answer.
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