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  1. Has anybody emailed them to get an update of where the waitlist is at?
  2. There is no indication it was a glitch - at least as far as I know. Last year was the first year they revamped the entire OMSAS interface, that's probably why it hasn't happened in the past
  3. That's right! If an offer didn't show up you were either waitlisted or rejected.
  4. Last year results were on OMSAS right at midnight. But it only indicated whether you received direct admission or not.
  5. Your ABS is subjective to the assessor. My friend, who has a near 4.0 and a 128 in CARS, got rejected from Mac but invited to uOttawa. There’s no official source but I have multiple anecdotes to support this; take it with a grain of salt.
  6. I agree, and it’s probably going to be what they end up doing. If I recall correctly, there was a study out from Mac during the development of CASPer that showed a moderate correlation between CASPer and MMI performance. Best of luck to your friend!
  7. Quebec schools have directly replaced the MMI in post interview formulas with CASPer. Maybe Mac will do the same?
  8. I think they’re still responding to emails. I don’t think there are other ways to reach them at the moment
  9. It might, but the med schools/dent schools ultimately will accept the same number of people as any other year. The question is, are the people getting accepted the ones who applied to both med and dent, and would choose med?
  10. Interesting. Out of curiosity, how do you know precise movement in previous years? Is it posted somewhere?
  11. Too late for that to have a meaningful impact, considering med applications were due back in October. It seems the trend over the past few years is moving towards more waitlist movement, especially since they merged OOP and IP.
  12. Has anybody called to confirm it is 45 applicants waitlisted again this year?
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