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  1. Thank you!! I just went to check my creation time was 7:37:27. I think the timestamp theory might be correct
  2. Just wanted to update everyone I got an offer off the waitlist today!!! SO SO SO happy!! Hoping you all hear back positive news soon
  3. DATE / HEURE : 13.05.2020, 16:16 DÉCISION : Acceptée campus Montreal!!!! Catégorie : Universitaire connexe (physiology à McGill) CRC ou CRU (si connue) : inconnue GPA 3.98/4.00 Impressions p/r au Casper : je pense que ça s'est bien passé Commentaire : J'ai été mise sur la LA pour med à 5 école alors je suis TELLEMENT contente d'être enfin accepté quelque part omg
  4. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 10:31am (email) wGPA/cGPA: cGPA is 3.98 - don't qualify for wGPA MCAT: 516 (127/127/130/132) ECs: Lots of research (3y), some sporty things (5y), employment (3y) and student leadership (3y) Essays: Took a month to write my essays and was really proud of them! Had my fam look over them. Interview: Really liked the types of questions they asked as I felt that I had a lot to say about them. Overall felt pretty good but had a technical issue on the last question so it was maybe a bit subpar compared to the other ones In-person or V
  5. Result: Good waitlist (email at 7:37 AM) Stream: English wGPA: 3.98 CASPer: Got an interview for McGill (IP) so I think it went decent ECs: lots of research (3y) with posters, sporty things (5y) and employed experiences... Interview: honestly I thought it went really well. Had a few good laughs with my interviewers and thought I answered all the questions the best I could. Year: Just finished undergrad Really hoping to get in when waitlist starts moving
  6. Stream (EN/FR): EnglishTime You Received E-mail: 7:37am"Created" Time: ??? I'm on outlook and not sure how to get time created wGPA: 3.98 (good waitlist)
  7. Hi! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the webinar today regarding the online interviews for the applicants interviewing March28th and 29th due to an emergency that occured. I was wondering if someone could catch me up on the highlights. Especially was curious how exactly this will go down meaning how much time do we have once we get the email with the question to when we have to upload. Also, did they mention how they were going to make the process fair for everyone? Thank you sooo much for your help <3
  8. Open the .mov file in itunes then go file -- convert --> create ipod/ipad version That's what I did! Let me know if you guys have a better way
  9. TIME STAMP: March 6th @ 1:21pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD March 29th Result: Invite!!! cGPA/wGPA: cGPA 3.98 (don't qualify for wGPA) MCAT: Above cut offs ECs: lots of undergrad research + different unique things (PM for more details) Essays: started thinking of them 2 month in advance + had manyyyy people review/give feedback Year: 3rd year undergrad (last year) Geography: OOP
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