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  1. Sandy Hill can be really nice too! The shuttle campus shuttle is convenient too. The only reason I didn't put Sandy Hill on there is that it is a bit of a student ghetto ( read: loud). You also have to be more careful of "slum landlords" that take advantage of the student population. Neighbourhoods like the Glebe and Old Ottawa South have students too since it's right near Carleton but it is more of a mix of families, young professionals, professors as well so it is not as loud. But Sandy Hill can also be really nice and it's close to the market and right downtown which is pretty great.
  2. For the out-of towners coming to Ottawa I would recommend the Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East, Hintonburg or Westboro. These are all walkable neighbourhoods close to cafés, patios, and grocery stores ( I can't overstate how much of a huge plus it is to not depend on a car/bus for groceries!) In the glebe/OOS you're close to the canal and Dow's lake for winter skating, festivals and summer running/cycling paths/kayaking. You're close to Lansdowne park which in non-COVID times has football games/soccer games/music festivals/beer markets/yoga in the park and markets almost every weeken
  3. Current students will probably be better able to comment on this but I found this video which has a heavy week and a lighter week schedule:
  4. As far as I know none have specified that med will be online but schools like u Ottawa and Carleton have announced that the fall will likely be online. Not sure what this means for faculties of medicine. Perhaps they will make an exception just for them as Queen's seems to be contemplating, but who knows. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/carleton-uottawa-unveil-plans-for-online-learning-for-fall-semester/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/covid-universities-online-1.5565810
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any intel on whether first year or even the first term will be online for incoming medical students? A few Ontario Universities have already declared that the fall term ( and some have even stated the full year) will be entirely online due to COVID-19. I have a feeling other Ontario schools will follow. If that's the case, this will impact the decision of out-of-towners to move and look for housing in Kingston. If it will be entirely online there will be no reason to rush the move in time for the fall. Any thoughts? It wouldn't be ideal but at least it would be
  6. Thanks! How long did it take for your deposit to show up on SOLUS? I've paid but I don't see anything yet. But I would guess it takes a couple of days to process.
  7. Thanks for this. I was wondering how do we know the deposit was processed successfully? I submitted the deposit but have no indication on SOLUS (or anywhere else) that it was accepted. Nor do I have any indication of outstanding tuition fees. There is also nothing on my SOLUS to do list. Just wondering if anyone is seeing anything informative there.
  8. Lol this thread now has over 70k views. It has surpassed a pinned thread from 2 years ago.
  9. So now there are 5 people who responded to the poll as not interviewing at Mac but having the button. What is the likelihood of there being 5 trolls? Is it possible to vote more than once?
  10. Oh for sure. It's definitely advertisement but I think they'd get more people wearing them if the colours were ones that people really liked. If I get accepted to UOttawa I'd love to wear that black and white MD backpack students get. They're beauties. Of course I'd wear Trump orange if it meant an acceptance
  11. lol I'm starting to think the bag is like some sort of hazing ritual, the previous year had some ridiculous colours so the next have to suffer with the colour they'd not want to be caught dead in. Haha Please be gentle. No pink or orange. I'm hoping for grey!
  12. Yep, this is quite the curve ball. The issue is that if the in person groups really did have an open file interview now the two interview groups are being evaluated differently. It could be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on how strong you perceive your ECs to be.
  13. This really throws out the theory that the panel is merely to check for red flags on the application...It's hard to imagine what types of questions we might get in this case.
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