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  1. They unfortunately don't average them, they take them as is (at least for ORPAS). I know this because during my degree I retook 2 courses and the first attempts were also in my last 20 courses, and that's how they showed up on ORPAS when I applied last year It reallyyyyy sucks and is the reason I'm also taking more courses to boost my GPA haha
  2. Ooooo I gotcha. Lol I forgot about the $12 CASPer distribution fee per school too...and idk if other schools do this but I went to uOttawa and I still have to pay to send my transcript to them..........
  3. I just found that $120 covers the cost of both tests! And are you applying to both OT and PT? Cause I'm just applying to PT and it totalled to ~$375 (if I did $120 x 2 tests). So only ~$30 more than last year but it's still like double other schools lol
  4. Quick question! You need 40 volunteer hours in the last 2 years to apply to Dal PT (and maybe OT too?) Sadly, all my volunteer experience is >2 yrs ago - all my rehab experience in the last 2 years has been paid or part of a course I'm wondering if anyone has asked them if they'll make an exception due to COVID? Because by the application deadline, it'll have been almost a year of COVID...Yes, I know there are still ways to volunteer, but opportunities have still been seriously limited for a long time. Just want to know if I need to try to cram in hours in Dec/Jan! Figured
  5. I think that's a fair starting point, but even if you don't have a competitive GPA right now, doesn't mean you have to write off the career. Through volunteering you might fall in love and realize that it's worth it to you to boost your GPA with extra courses. And yes GPA is a large component, except McMaster which is now 25% GPA and 75% online interview
  6. I think they were just combining them because many people apply to both and they're both in the school of rehab science. OT isn't always physical though - it can also work on your cognitive abilities and organization, among other things.
  7. I think if you have zero PT experience, regardless of your GPA, you should try to get some. Otherwise it's hard to know if it's the right career for you. Also, a lot of prospective PT students seek out experiences not just for applications, but because they genuinely enjoy learning about it. So I think if you're considering the field, you need to want to get experience and learn more. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm close with many new grads and current students and the program is DEMANDING. And I've gotten a lot of experience which is how I know I'm willing to go through that. I've also wo
  8. I mainly have an issue with the DPT due to the "better title" aspect. It bothers me that some people (both those working in healthcare and clients) seem to be obsessed with the title and act like it somehow makes a profession more valuable/desirable than others - I'm not trying to say you are like that just for wording it that way though!!! I don't want clients to ever think they can/should call me "doctor" as a PT - there's enough of an inherent power imbalance as it is and a huge goal for me is for my clients to feel on level ground with me. I know that having a doctorate doesn't automatica
  9. I found it so confusing too especially cause my school doesn't have full-year courses. Took me awhile to figure out. But because some schools have full-year courses, they extract using the average of that year (at least that's the reason I read on U of T's website or ORPAS, I forget). It definitely didn't work to my advantage but I don't think it's intended to penalize for less than 5 courses/term.
  10. Ah okay yes this is what I understood too - thought you meant that, similar to other schools, they "threw out your application" if you weren't in the top x-hundred GPAs
  11. Thanks for your detailed reply!! Yeah, I do realize they get SO many applicants, and like you said, it's not like GPA counts for nothing. Is it really the first cutoff, though? Like why would they interview everyone with the bare minimum if they had a cutoff (besides for $$$ lol)? And if the admission score is a combo of GPA and interview (I realize UofT does that for the CAP + GPA as well, but they're open about having a cutoff and not everyone writing the CAP). That's hilarious though that they created CASPer but don't use it Regardless, I'll be upgrading my marks
  12. Hi everyone, This was my first year applying to PT, my sGPA needs some work so I wasn't expecting much success, but I was at least hoping I'd have a shot at Mac since I felt my KIRA was really strong (my resume is the strong part of my application). I didn't even get waitlisted so I'm just curious about accepted students' sGPAs if there's anyone who doesn't mind sharing? Regardless, I'm taking courses to upgrade but am curious about the range of sGPAs that Mac might have accepted. Thanks!
  13. Based on other schools, my guess is yes and that there'll only be movement if someone drops. But again just a guess from me - I'm debating contacting them to ask (I'd post here if I hear back!)
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